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ModelConverterX 1.4

ModelConverterX is a tool that allows you to convert objects between different formats. For example from SCASM API to FSX MDL object. The tool can also be used as a model viewer and to do simple editing on objects.

WARNING: This is the latest development release, which is made automatically daily. It can contain bugs due to its development status. If you want the stable version please look at version 1.3.

For more information about the recent changes in the development release take a look at this page.
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Often used and no crash at all. Even if an unexpected error occurs it usually keeps running. Simply excellent.
Do not be overly concerned by Arno's warning that this is the development version and may be unstable. I have been using this version for 4 or 5 years now and I have never had it crash or do any mischief to my system. I totally agree with Tic. Using this tool makes your modeling life much easier.
This is stable release. You cannot do scenery without this tool