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P3Dv4 Tutorial: Adding New Gauge Polygons to the Virtual Cockpit (without the source file)

Thanks for putting this together. It is great work!
A little more expansion on some things for those new to 3DS Max would be great though if you got time to update it. I managed to get things working after a bit of trial and error. I used a different panel on the C130.
I don't agree with the previous comments about copyright - unless you are distributing modified files I couldn't ever see it breaching copyright to edit models for your own use. Modifying files and 'tweaking' has been the going trend in FS since before I started using it in the late 90's! All credit goes to every developer though, it's great to have a vibrant FS community.
This script shows copyright violation. Source-File owners have no chance to protect the model file!
ModelConverterX has been around for years, I'm merely telling people how to use it. If you have a problem, take it up with the devs for MCX. That being said, if people edit models for their own use I really don't see the problem.
An excellent tutorial. Many many thanks. Thank you for taking the time to help.