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  1. M

    MSFS Paid position - Approaches code in AFCAD/General AFCAD job

    Hi, We're looking for someone to program approaches in one of our airports. Similar like here. Easily doable within a few hours, including a quick test. If interested please email us: general(at)mkstudios.pl We're also looking for someone to work on Afcads and handcrafting/object placing...
  2. unc1rlm

    MSFS AI's all over the map

    If they line up and disappear...is that maybe an error in the afcad MSFS or more of an FDE problem. I have ai's that I installed and use AIFP and removed or turned off all the Asobo stuff..seeing if they would show up etc. Any idees? Thanks, BobM.
  3. lmhariano

    P3D v4 Default parking spots do not appear in P3D4/FSX

    I've made an AFCAD for SACO airport, based on real charts. However, despite setting all parking spot lines as visible, I was never able to make them showup in FSX'SE. After switching to P3D4 and reading that the parking spot and the taxi path leading to it must not be perfectly lined up, I...
  4. TulparSim

    P3D v4 Is it possible to do multiple letter gates?

    Hello, We are developing a rather large airport and some gates have L, normal gate and R. For instance Gate A3. This gate has A3L, A3, A3R. Is there any way to implement this to the AFCAD? There's B3 and also C3 in this airport so we can't do GATE_L 3, GATE 3, GATE_R 3 as there are multiple...
  5. Jordansim

    FS2004 Old OMSJ Scenery Update

    Hi All, I have been recently learning how to develop sceneries and starting small. I took a small Airport in the UAE called Sharjah International Airport. it is mainly the hub of Air Arabia. This scenery was developed by Matthew Ministry who made some sceneries for FS9 back in the day. I am...
  6. Scarebus10101

    FSX:SE *HELP ASAP*FSX has stopped working, when trying to load my custom afcad with custom gp from ADEX

    Hello, so I'm working on UMBB, Brest airport in Belarus and I have so far made the afcad and custom GP using ADEX and it's going pretty well.....BUT after saving and compiling my AFCAD with Custom GP and putting them in my custom scenery folder i made (Contains Scenery and Texture folders) and I...
  7. Chris04

    What Size of Gate?

    Forgive me if this sounds like a stupid question, but I cannot figure out which size of gate I need for the parking spots of my airport. I am using the latest version of ADE to work on an AFCAD. And struggling to find the real life sizes of the parking spots. So, my question to anyone with...