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What Size of Gate?

Forgive me if this sounds like a stupid question, but I cannot figure out which size of gate I need for the parking spots of my airport.

I am using the latest version of ADE to work on an AFCAD. And struggling to find the real life sizes of the parking spots. So, my question to anyone with experience is:

-How do you know the correct parking spot size to match the real airport?(Heavy, Medium, Small)

-And how do you know what radius to make it?

Thanks in advance
Chris, is this for FSX or fs9 as they are different sizes for the 2 sims as your logo shows FSX

for FSX i use:

33m/35m for heavy 41m for A380
22m/24m for Medium
18m for small

this all depends on your personal preference and the type of aircraft used and what you call heavy, medium and small
others may well use something different
unfortunately many aircraft developers use a different wingspan for the same aircraft type so a A320 can vary from 15m to a 18m spot
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Sorry for not mentioning I am using ADEX for FSX.

Thanks so much for the tips.