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  1. Viktoren69

    AI Traffic not spawning in custom airport

    I just finished a rework of HAAB Addis Abeba airport in MSFS. In testing if everything was fine, I noticed that AI Traffic (AIG, FSLTL) is not spawning in the airport, while it is present in the air, so the problem is the airport itself. All gates/parkings are correctly connected to the...
  2. C

    Photogrammetry Airport Exclusions

    Hi All, I'm working on a couple of freeware projects one of which is an urban airport in a photogrammetry city. Photogrammetry is pretty good but the default "airport" scenery extends aprons and OSM buildings quite a ways into the photogrammetry which looks pretty poor both at a distance and on...
  3. FrancisJohannes

    MSFS In need of a scenery/airport developer, preferably Blender. 40% of sales.

    In need of a scenery airport developer, preferably Blender. Offering 40% of sales, infinity. In need of a trusted and responsible airport, scenery designer. To help me complete an airport that's been on hold for a long period of time. Candidate will get paid 50% of the sales until the end of...
  4. F

    MSFS Editing Parking Spots in Default Airport

    Hello Hive Mind, I'd like to edit the dimensions of the parking spots at EGNX )East Midlands Airport) so that addons like AIG or FSLTL will send the right sized aircraft in to park up. I've downloaded and installed ADE V20.22.8157 Alpha with HF5. I appear to be falling at the first hurdle...
  5. MM Simulations

    MSFS EBLG Liège Airport - Sneakpeeks

    Liège Airport's sneakpeeks! It's almost time for a big project to be release.
  6. TulparSim

    MSFS How to attach a jetway to 2 gates?

    Hello, I'm wondering how to attach a jetway 2 gates. Is there a trick or some way to achieve this behaviour? Thanks,
  7. FrancisJohannes

    MSFS Building / Exporting, no changes on final package. (SOLVED)

    Hello everyone, I'm using the latest SDK release as of November 11, 2022 v.0.20.3 for MSFS. I attempted to see the changes I made to my scenery with the SDK and after building the package, and viewing it in the sim, no changes were displayed. So, I can see my changes only during SDK mode but...
  8. FrancisJohannes


    Hello, We are in need for a 3d modeler/designer (blender preferred). We need to finish an airport project that's been on paused for too long and start another one. I need to hire someone that I can trust and is not shy to constantly communicate with us regarding any details. This is a paid...
  9. Jaxcksn

    MSFS Ground Polygon Alignment Issues

    Hi everyone, I’d figure I’d go here to ask for some help with some finicky ground polygons. Basically, whenever I am creating the ground polygons overtop my reference image (which is projected in WGS 84 / Psuedo-Merc like the bing maps imagery) it looks fine in the 3D modeling software, but...
  10. L

    MSFS Default scenery doesn't come out after build

    Default scenario doesn't come out after build Default scenario does not exit and leaves duplicate PAPI, TAXI LIGHTS, TAXI LINES, APRON, WINDSOCK; It is also not possible to remove the FUEL STATION! I've already put exclusion rectangle and exclusion polygon and it doesn't solve! can anyone...
  11. vezirgiannis

    Job opportunities for everyone.

    Skyline Simulations, a company with about 10 years in the field, is looking to expand its team and is starting a recruitment period. !!!THIS IS A PAYING JOB!!! What we're looking for: - Anyone that loves developing airport sceneries. - Anyone that knows how to texture. - Anyone that knows how...
  12. peacefarm

    MSFS Disabling Shadows

    I'm trying to disable shadows on a object by unchecking "Cast shadow" in the properties, but the shadows remain. Is this a known issue? Anyone know of a way to bypass the SDK option and it through Blender or elsewhere? Thanks!
  13. O

    Best way to create ground polygons for MSFS

    What is the best way to create ground polygons for MSFS. (Lines, tire marks, etc) then insert them as projected mesh?
  14. O

    MSFS Best way to create ground polygons for MSFS

    What is the best way to create ground polygons for MSFS. (Lines, tire marks, etc) then insert them as projected mesh?
  15. fred1690

    MSFS EDDN Airport Nuremberg [released]

    For a few months I have been working on EDDN Nuremberg for MS Flight Simulator. This is an international airport in Germany, located in the north of Bavaria. And with about 4 million passengers in 2019, it is the 10th biggest airport in Germany. The eastern parts of the airport are almost...
  16. Lons01

    MSFS Stand Signs - An easier Way?

    Hi, Does anyone know whether there is an easier and quicker way to make multiple aircraft stand number signs? At the moment I have to do an export for each stand # sign which is very time-intensive. Is there a way to export a single model but apply different textures within SDK. Any advice...
  17. Luicid

    MSFS [CLOSED] Airport Services - GA_MEDIUM Has no small pushback available

    Hello, I created a AirportServices asset in my Airport and I see it in the layout.json so it is reconized. However, when I spawn at a RAMP_GA_MEDIUM, I see no small pushback available (ATC tell me no one is available), even if I have filled the services.xml to do so What did I do wrong ...
  18. K

    MSFS MSFS hangs on loading after adding airport made with SDK

    Hello, so I have made an airport using the SDK. In doing that I held on to the steps by Youtube user "Stream Gamerz" in his video "Create simple airport MSFS 2020" using the SDK sample for the simple airport. I did not delete any of the files inside the Sample folder structure. Here is what I...
  19. K

    MSFS Just plain Water Runways for Seaplane Base Network

    As of now MSFS 2020 offers little incentive for developers to produce proper flying boats to let us relive the Golden Age of Seaplane Aviation. To pave the way for that, seaplane pilots should be able to jump into the game and already be on the water no matter what continent (and not just...
  20. H

    AGGN - Ghizo Island, Nusatupe Airstrip

    My next airport will be on the tiny island of Ghizo in the middle of the Pacific region. The island belongs to the Solomon Islands. Enjoy them ;)