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  1. ribin_liskanu

    Scenery Airport not Loading

    Hi! I'm new to scenery development and I been struggling to make the airport load. I use FSX:SE and the P3D SDK 1.4 and after placing the object in ADE and Compiling. I open FSX then saw the building scenery prompt then select the created airport and clicked fly now, it will not load for any %...
  2. Rustam46

    Project-ENTO Sandefjord - Airport Torp 2020, Norway for P3D v5.

    Hi friends! Not so long ago, I started work on this wonderful airport. I don’t know why Torp ... I just walked on Google Earth and accidentally saw it. The airport seemed interesting to me and not so big. It was just for me, since I'm just a novice developer! I started working with ground...
  3. consta

    LEMI - Murcia International Airport

  4. haykal17

    (Released) Project MAX EGDX/EGSY St Athan Airbase for P3DV4

    We are announcing that we have already released First Version of St Athan Airbase (EGDX or EGSY) For Free, This Version Include : -Custom Roadway Traffic -Custom Autogen in some area -Custom Ground Poly -Imagery Here some screenshot of the scenery Download Link ...
  5. M

    Greenland Upernavik Airport BGUK

    Hi I am the leader of FSCGAA. After making three mainland China general aviation airports, we began to made our first foreign regional airport(Upernavik Airport BGUK N78.78693 W56.12776). This airport located at the central west coast of Greenland,at the highest point on the Upernavik island...
  6. Christian Bahr

    P3D v4 Frequency change at the airport

    Hello. At one of my airports (Essen/Mülheim) the frequency has changed. It has been moved from 119.750 to 119.755. In ADE I find the frequencies under "Comms", but there is no 5-step: Can I use a trick to change the frequency to 119.755?
  7. 919Designs

    Released - Yangzhou Taizhou Airport

  8. Pablo R.

    FSX Help with airport elevations

    Hello, I have a problem with elevations in the airport I'm developing. It's an airfield that is not included by default, so I have to make it from scratch. As it's in the middle of the countryside, there are little elevation variations and when I try to place the runway with Instant Scenery it...
  9. Pablo R.

    FSX How can I make "Physical" objects?

    Hello, I want to know how to make a real "Physical" object for FSX, that is actually there and where the airctaft can go over and NOT trough. I want to make a runway that way, so the aircraft actually rolls over it. Because if I use custom Ground Polygons, I have problems because the Runway...
  10. S

    FSX SimFly Cox Bazaar (VGCB) HD

    Work in progress for Cox Bazaar Airport, Bangladesh in fsx, fsx se, p3d v3 and above. Cox's Bazar International Airport (IATA: CXB, ICAO: VGCB) is a domestic airport in the resort town of Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh. The airport serves mostly local and foreign tourists.
  11. caleb

    FSX Airport Rotating and Moving

    Is there a way to rotate or move the entire airport in ADE? If so, how can I do it? Thanks
  12. TruNorthSim

    Project KXNA

    Hey guys and gals! My name is Jack, and I am currently working on KXNA Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport located west of Bentonville, Arkansas. I would like to call it KXNA 2017, but as of right now, it's just Project KXNA. As some of you may already know, a very nice freeware of this...
  13. Leo2789

    FS2004 Problem moving stock airport location. ZGGG & ZYCC. [SOLVED]

    Hey I have a 'problem' regarding ZGGG, that i've managed to solve for now but that i would like like to know why it happens in the first place in case it happens again with another airport. So I'm making a complete redesign of existing FS9 airports in China and creating many that aren't in the...
  14. Scarebus10101

    P3D v3 [CLOSED]

    Hello! I have recently started developing Borg El Arab Intl airport in Alexandria, Egypt (HEBA). Here is some progress on the terminal. Anyways i would appreciate if somone coul get me some good pictures of the apron lights, tower buildings e.ct because the terminal had good images enough to...
  15. S

    SimFly Baghdogra X BETA

    Baghdogra VEBD is a airport in India. I have just completed making the beta version of the scenery. Download from the link -http://simflydevelopers.wixsite.com/simflydevelopers/baghdogra-airport-vebd FEATURES- 1. High detailed representation of Baghdoghra Customs Airport (VEBD). 2. Includes...
  16. S

    FSX How to get AES work in my scenery?

    I want to make a scenery AES compatible how to contact with them? And what steps do I require? Pls help.
  17. Chris04

    What Size of Gate?

    Forgive me if this sounds like a stupid question, but I cannot figure out which size of gate I need for the parking spots of my airport. I am using the latest version of ADE to work on an AFCAD. And struggling to find the real life sizes of the parking spots. So, my question to anyone with...
  18. W

    FSX Airport coordinates at 00° in Airport Editor

    Using FSX SE. When I open any airport in the Airport Editor, the Longitude and Latitude coordinates fields are both set to 00°, and not to the Airport coordinates (Lat, Long) Is that normal, or is it an issue ? Is it possible with AIFP, to move slightly the position of some airports ?
  19. Chris04

    Southwest Florida International Airport

    Work has started on the airport in Ft Myers. This will be AceWindDesigns first FREEWARE scenery. It took a long time before determining if we should go through with it. So far we have a team of two guys working on the important elements of the airport. Our goal is to make an eye popping HD...
  20. B

    Move an airport ?

    Hi Guys, I have created an airport from scratch (OMLW) thanks to Google Earth and ADE that is a really friendly tool... Until I had no scenery in the background, it was fine and I used to fly from and to there :) I recently invested in a photorealistic scenery and I discovered that my airport is...