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  1. T

    MSFS CTD with Approach procedure

    Hi, I'm struggling with MSFS STAR/SID/APPROACH procedures on a "built from scratch" airport (french military airport not referenced in game). For now, SID/STAR have been done and appear correctly into the sim. But, when I click on my custom approach procedure, the game crashes to desktop...
  2. X


    Hello, I have spent a significant amount of time creating a photorealistic airport (LIMN). I premise that the terrain around the airport is not flat (same altitude). At south end of the airport I have an altitude of 541.5 feet at north end an altitude of 589.5 feet. Either altitudes have been...
  3. ZdenniZ

    MSFS Adding custom materials - not supported yet?

    Scruffyduck, as far as I understood, there is no way yet in ADE to add custom runway/apron materials the way that the internal tools allow, am I correct? I read the manual's section on the materials/surfaces and it looked to me as if only what's already present can be changed around. Please...
  4. L

    ADE Custom Ground Poly bug

    Hello everyone! This is my first post on the forum and I hope I am doing well. I have been working in ADE for a long time to improve a small airport in my city, however, I am having too much trouble placing my polygons and lines. When trying to add both, the editor starts to flicker and hang. I...
  5. lmhariano

    P3D v4 Default parking spots do not appear in P3D4/FSX

    I've made an AFCAD for SACO airport, based on real charts. However, despite setting all parking spot lines as visible, I was never able to make them showup in FSX'SE. After switching to P3D4 and reading that the parking spot and the taxi path leading to it must not be perfectly lined up, I...
  6. S

    FSX doesn't show any changes made in ADE 1.78 or 1.79. No runway, or building edits will show

    Windows 10. Using ADE 1.78, and ADE 1.79 changes I have made no longer show in FSX. I have been working KGVW and deleted all past history of ADE with this airbase using the FILE MANAGE for windows and a search for kgvw*, as per forum suggestions. deleted and reinstalled three time and still no...
  7. Minivation

    ADE Question about Instrument Approach Transitions

    Hello all, I am editing instrument approach procedures for my latest project - Hampton Roads Executive Airport (PVG) in the Norfolk VA area, which is where I am based out of in real life. The ILS10 approach can be initialized from UBKUC with a 1-minute hold at UBKUC (crs 102, RH turns), after...
  8. J

    ADE PAPI Spacing

    Hi all, I am having trouble with ADE, the spacing option for the PAPI lights doesn't change anything in sim. I have changed it from the default (80 I think) to 5, yet the spacing remains the same. Something I am doing wrong? Images attached, appreciate the community help :)
  9. Jason z

    ADE FSX to P3Dv5

    Is it possible to compile ADE projects for P3Dv5 when you only have FSX? When someone tried out our FSX scenery in P3Dv5, he saw default buildings on top of our current scenery which is not ideal.
  10. Jason z

    Cannot Generate Detailed Footprint (Solved)

    Noticed that the latest development version of ADE no longer can generate detailed footprints for custom library objects even when I have detailed footprints enabled (can still see detailed footprints for default library objects). I don't know if this is something wrong with the program or maybe...
  11. christopherbritton

    ADE ADE doesn't recognize Network Drive

    Hi Jon, I know this is probably an oddball issue as most users likely work from a standard HDD or SSD. However, I have found recently that ADE 1.76 has issues recognizing network (NAS) drives. I recently migrated all my projects to an external RAID setup, which is set up as a network drive ( S...
  12. V

    ADE SDK File Queries (FSX)

    I downloaded the latest version of ADE for FSX (I have the original non-deluxe FSX version). Knowing that ADE needs the BglCompiler and Shp2Vec program files to work, I downloaded the P3D SDK files that would also be compatible for editing airports in FSX. (And it did work.) But after...
  13. E

    Scenery conflict

    I am using P3D 4.4 coupled with EZDOK 3, FSUIPS and have used ADE to fine tune airport taxiways. I have used Sketchup to model 3D objects and then convert them with MDX for placement with IS3. For some weird reason whenever my Wichita scenery goes active, aircraft engines shut down or will not...
  14. akash.shrestha

    FSX:SE FSX crashed before loading stock airport edited with ADE.

    Hi, I edited a stock airport and compiled it to bgl file, but fsx didn't load it. (Other unedited stock airports, or Addon airports can be loaded.) FSX suddenly finished when I start loading it. (loaded 0%) So I tried that; I loaded the stock airport to ADE, and compiled it without any...
  15. G

    FSX:SE Creating RNAV/GPS Approach

    Hi, I've been trying over and over to create the RNAV approach as per the below chart. I have read all the tutorials and followed the guides on these forums and can't seem to make it work...
  16. RED COOL

    P3D v4 Multi select

    Hello @scruffyduck I found that to multi-select things in ADE we have to use the list or the shift key in my case i have many paths to select and shift key will just take me ages, the list is impossible as I don't know the order or the name of the paths can we have like a square box select or...
  17. RED COOL

    P3D v4 ADe doesn't support high resolution images

    Hello @scruffyduck I found that when I load a high-resolution image in ADE I get one of two things: 1) it gives me a message box saying that the image exceeds 70mb so I click ok and it loads 2) it just stops working (when the image is really detailed) can you please open the limit on...

    P3D v4 [Solved] Flatten area has one big mountain in middle of airport

    Hi, I have made my airport surrounding area flatten. But it has a mountain in middle (refer the images below): , in Sim P3D v4.5: Hope someone could help. Thank you.
  19. P

    Compiling doesn't save my changes

    Hi! Im very new to ADE and scenery in general. I have found my local airport for fsx but I want to use it in P3D v4.4. I have used it in earlier versions of P3D v4, but now it doesnt seem to work anymore. I think I am doing something wrong with the BGL file and ADE. The thing is there is a bit...
  20. L

    Problem ground polygon Sketchup + ADE

    Hi, In Sketchup with the geoposition option, I created a rectangle with juxtaposed images. All images have been unlocked and exploded to form a single entity. The .SKP file has been exported to DAE file for use by modelconverterX (resized) and creation .BGL and .BMP are ok. My problem: when...