1. akash.shrestha

    FSX:SE FSX crashed before loading stock airport edited with ADE.

    Hi, I edited a stock airport and compiled it to bgl file, but fsx didn't load it. (Other unedited stock airports, or Addon airports can be loaded.) FSX suddenly finished when I start loading it. (loaded 0%) So I tried that; I loaded the stock airport to ADE, and compiled it without any...
  2. G

    FSX:SE Creating RNAV/GPS Approach

    Hi, I've been trying over and over to create the RNAV approach as per the below chart. I have read all the tutorials and followed the guides on these forums and can't seem to make it work...

    P3D v4 Multi select

    Hello @scruffyduck I found that to multi-select things in ADE we have to use the list or the shift key in my case i have many paths to select and shift key will just take me ages, the list is impossible as I don't know the order or the name of the paths can we have like a square box select or...

    P3D v4 ADe doesn't support high resolution images

    Hello @scruffyduck I found that when I load a high-resolution image in ADE I get one of two things: 1) it gives me a message box saying that the image exceeds 70mb so I click ok and it loads 2) it just stops working (when the image is really detailed) can you please open the limit on...

    P3D v4 [Solved] Flatten area has one big mountain in middle of airport

    Hi, I have made my airport surrounding area flatten. But it has a mountain in middle (refer the images below): , in Sim P3D v4.5: Hope someone could help. Thank you.
  6. P

    Compiling doesn't save my changes

    Hi! Im very new to ADE and scenery in general. I have found my local airport for fsx but I want to use it in P3D v4.4. I have used it in earlier versions of P3D v4, but now it doesnt seem to work anymore. I think I am doing something wrong with the BGL file and ADE. The thing is there is a bit...
  7. L

    Problem ground polygon Sketchup + ADE

    Hi, In Sketchup with the geoposition option, I created a rectangle with juxtaposed images. All images have been unlocked and exploded to form a single entity. The .SKP file has been exported to DAE file for use by modelconverterX (resized) and creation .BGL and .BMP are ok. My problem: when...
  8. Christian Bahr

    P3D v4 Frequency change at the airport

    Hello. At one of my airports (Essen/Mülheim) the frequency has changed. It has been moved from 119.750 to 119.755. In ADE I find the frequencies under "Comms", but there is no 5-step: Can I use a trick to change the frequency to 119.755?
  9. kmarek98

    FSX FSX crashes after adding a new scenery created with ADE

    Hello everyone, I have a problem. I am trying to compile my airport project to bgl using ADE but after adding the new scenery to the FSX the program freezes and shuts down when I'm trying to choose my airport. The exception code is 0xc0000005. Can anyone help me solve this issue? I am looking...
  10. Itay Dorfman

    P3D v4 Deleted micro exclusions what to do?

    Buildings over top of my airport
  11. G

    ADE and Model (MDL) Files

    Hello guys, I'm working on a project and created some custom MDL files. The idea was to insert the Models into the current ADE project, to be able to place them on the ARP. Following the steps: - add Models via Menu -> List -> Models - place them on the ARP - compile I manage to see them in...
  12. C

    Generic buildings not showing in ADE and FSX

    Hello, I am having a strange problem regarding FSX and ADE. For some reason no generic buildings are showing in FSX on airports where they normally should be. This happens on ANY airport that has generic buildings. If I open such an airport with ADE, the blue rectangle which stands for a generic...
  13. christopherbritton

    P3D v3 ADE Poor Performance with P3D open.

    Just curious, has anyone else had any performance issues with ADE while their sim is running? For whatever reason, if I have P3Dv3 running (Even Paused and collapsed to the Taskbar) it's practically impossible to use ADE, it lags so bad. I've had this issue for a while, but use to, if I Paused...
  14. 4

    FS crashes when I load custom scenery

    I am currently building an airport from scratch using ADE. However, when I try to load it in FSX, the game crashes when I'm around it. Currently the airport is not that big since I would like it to load without crashing before continuing . I'm not sure what is causing the problem other than I...
  15. Jay Bloomfield

    P3D v4 X-Plane WED Terminal Kit

    Is anybody aware of a similar utility for FSX and P3d? This option in WED 1.6 allows the creation of airport terminal buildings of various shapes and sizes with minimal effort, somewhat like One Click Hangar does for hangars. I know that MCX...
  16. Leo2789

    FS2004 MCX Bgl compiling help - INTERNAL COMPILER ERROR C1003 [FIXED]

    Hello, I am new to MCX and object design in general. I wanted to make a test to see if I could understand and get the hang of the process of creating bgl objects for placement in FS9 from models created with other tools; So I got a model of a building made in SketchUp that I'd like to make the...
  17. Ali Gaffoor

    P3D v4 No Ground poly on Apron

    Hi i created an apron with ground poly's and lines but they dont appear on the apron. also how do i remove the pushback and baggage vehicles thanks
  18. Jay Bloomfield

    P3D v4 Changing an Airport Name in P3d 4.1

    For anyone trying to use the ADE 1.76 stub BGL method of changing an airport name in P3d 4.1, this thread that I started on the LM official forum might be of interest:
  19. Jason z

    ADE Markers not saving

    Are the position markers in ADE supposed to save every time you save and exit a project? For me this is not happening.
  20. Jason z

    Cleveland Hopkins International Scenery

    Can anyone give constructive criticism about this package? Note: -So far I do not have time/enough knowledge to make custom ground polys -Working on creating better day textures for terminal and hangars