FSX:SE *HELP ASAP*FSX has stopped working, when trying to load my custom afcad with custom gp from ADEX

Hello, so I'm working on UMBB, Brest airport in Belarus and I have so far made the afcad and custom GP using ADEX and it's going pretty well.....BUT after saving and compiling my AFCAD with Custom GP and putting them in my custom scenery folder i made (Contains Scenery and Texture folders) and I put the Scenery files which are UMBB_ADEX_ADE_GP.bgl, UMBB_ADEX_ADE.bgl and Photo01.bgl, plus the GP textures in the texture folder. And when trying to load FSX i get this message: FSX has stopped working (look at the screen shot below) Link for my scenery files to check them: https://mega.nz/#!MMU2kJ4C!C9FfvNqDf7dM-U6kkLSnaMEJYlFPssIQkAIyoGfDe4A
error fsx fsdev.jpg


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Try Tools > Fault Finder and make sure that you don't have any orphaned (not connected to the taxi network) parking spots. Or given where the load is perhaps it is terrain related