1. Kirill Konovalov

    P3D v4 No export of the animation.

    Hello everyone! I think it's the first time I talk to you.(maybe not, but it was a lo-ong time ago) I usually prefer to read and listen. But recently I had an issue that I can't solve on my own and I did not find the solution. I have no animation in sim after compilation. No matter how...
  2. Gerli

    FSX:SE Now what..? (Gmax and Windows 10, new problem?)

    So... the right click stoped working on gmax suddenly... no errors, no warnings... just one day it just...stop. Is this a new problem with Windows 10? Did someone experience the same problem? Restore the keybinding to default values didn't fix the problem. Edit: Tried compatibility mode and...
  3. JetMan-&-the-gay-noobs

    FS2004 Help fixing terrain

    I've installed fs2004 from an old computer by transfering the files, and everythingseems to run well... until i find out that many places of terrain in the world are damaged, all polynesia, Chile, South Argentina, Peru, South Ecuador, Brazil (all) are damaged or ... i dont know, if i am way too...
  4. Michael21

    Error: Index was out of range

    Hello guys. Someone had this error before? Would be nice if you could help me. Thanks!
  5. christopherbritton

    SBuilderX - Custom Objects Error on Compile

    Hello, I'm trying to place a 90x90m custom grass object using SBuilderX. I have followed the directions for adding custom object libraries, however I am getting the following message on compile: I have added the following line to FSX_autogen.txt in SBuilderX315\LibObjects...
  6. Leo2789

    FS2004 MCX Bgl compiling help - INTERNAL COMPILER ERROR C1003 [FIXED]

    Hello, I am new to MCX and object design in general. I wanted to make a test to see if I could understand and get the hang of the process of creating bgl objects for placement in FS9 from models created with other tools; So I got a model of a building made in SketchUp that I'd like to make the...
  7. Bownsy105

    Error when using Ground Poly Wizard. [SOLVED]

    So I'm hitting my head against the wall trying to work out what this problem is. When ever I attempt to export a model via the ground poly wizard I get this in the event log and no bgl file. 16:39 XtoMDL Error (0): error : 16:39 XtoMDL Error (0): error ...
  8. Younes

    FSX:SE *HELP ASAP*FSX has stopped working, when trying to load my custom afcad with custom gp from ADEX

    Hello, so I'm working on UMBB, Brest airport in Belarus and I have so far made the afcad and custom GP using ADEX and it's going pretty well.....BUT after saving and compiling my AFCAD with Custom GP and putting them in my custom scenery folder i made (Contains Scenery and Texture folders) and I...
  9. christopherbritton

    MCX xtomdl error when using LODs

    @arno For some strange reason, in the latest (and previous) dev version of MCX, if I add a LOD to an object, I get the below error when attempting to compile a FSX (or P3D) MDL file. At first I thought it had something to do with the model, but if I remove all LODs, my model will compile...
  10. Bungo

    Scenproc throws file lock exceptons when data in Dropbox folder

    When I open .spc files from my dropbox directory, the __SCENPROC_TEMP_RUN.SPC file seems to have a sharing violation with the Dropbox client and throws an unhandled exception error: Other than not having the files in the dropbox directory tree, is there a configuration for having the temp...
  11. 4YouToFly

    Terrain doesn't match Photoreal

    Hey Guys, I'm making a photoreal for Dauphin Island, but after placing the Blendmask, the terrain is not matching with the aerial image. How can I solve it? Thanks a lot!
  12. Mick_S

    FSX Error: Funny Spoilers Effect

    Hello Guys, I hope I'm right in this part of the forum - at least aircraft modellers might be able to give me a good clue how to solve this. The problem: Spoilers on the left and right wing behave differently, most likely to any change which I don't remember. The funny thing: It's not one...
  13. QFA1213

    Leg Bone Issue Jetway Type A

    I've been playing around with SODE for close to a year now and have recently gone back to attempting a jetway. I never quite finished the model but decided to test it in the sim before I add more complication. Everything's gone fine except for some reason the bones for the legs are not...
  14. L

    FSX modelConverterX ERROR JIT(Just in Time) help me

    Consulte el final de este mensaje para obtener más detalles sobre cómo invocar a la depuración Just-In-Time (JIT) en lugar de a este cuadro de diálogo. ************** Texto de la excepción ************** System.NullReferenceException: Referencia a objeto no establecida como instancia de un...
  15. RonFleur

    FSX Gmax export errors - PROBLEM SOLVED!!!

    Hello everyone, Let's begin with a standard opening to a post like this: I'm (kind of) a newby to scenery design. For a while now I've been playing around with it. I've read a lot of post on this and other forums, watched lots of tutorials on YouTube, learned Airport Design Editor and played...
  16. Michael21

    Exporting placement file error P3D SDK 3D's Max 2015

    Hello everyone here! Guys, can someone help me? I'm working in 3D Max 2015 with Modeling SDK Plugin for it (64bit - win 10 64bit). Trying to build some objects, when exporting .x file and .mdl, all works just fine. Only problem i've encountered, is that when i'm trying to export placement file i...