I've installed fs2004 from an old computer by transfering the files, and everythingseems to run well... until i find out that many places of terrain in the world are damaged, all polynesia, Chile, South Argentina, Peru, South Ecuador, Brazil (all) are damaged or ... i dont know, if i am way too far from the terrain it may look good, but once i get closer, the terrain just flattens itself, places like airports, rivers, lakesor any other water body if its above sea level its literally stripped and pulled out of the ground ( like if it were a blanket with legos under it, seriously i have tried everything to fixed it, but i've only have destroyed beloved sceneries i have bought with real money, i have disabled addons, added new mesh, change the graphics, switch between the Nvidia and the cpu graphics, everything except using the game in full screen ( because fs2004 if used in windows 10 with full screen, the game will always crash)

i really need help, and as i said, the game was copied from the computer, so i dont know if i left something behind, and i've lost the CD's, so its also useless to consider them as resort, Please.