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Leg Bone Issue Jetway Type A

I've been playing around with SODE for close to a year now and have recently gone back to attempting a jetway. I never quite finished the model but decided to test it in the sim before I add more complication. Everything's gone fine except for some reason the bones for the legs are not connecting to the actual leg elements. What is used for the calculations of the position?

Before Script:

After Script:




As you can see everything appears fine asides for the legs. The other thing I noticed was in the jetway.cfg under Bridge_dip I had weird value. If it makes any difference the default SODE jetway was exported from 3DS into Sketchup where it was edited then directly imported back in.

type = A
has_stairs = false

root_floor_height = 3.15005
root_bridge_offset = 0.26634
mouth_offset = 0.509114
leg_offset = 17.0196
wheel_radius = 0.460127
hood_movable_height = 2.29883
hood_width = 2.5453

bridge_length = 16.676, 24.5037
root_sweep = -6.83019e-006, 75.0
bridge_dip = -44.5021, 1.#QNAN
head_sweep = -60.0, 60
leg_length = 0.851173, 4.75437

root_rotation_time = 15
bridge_extension_time = 10

On a slightly different issue still relating to this jetway. Similar to this post (http://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/threads/traffic-lights-on-jetways.437738/) I have lights on the Jetway, however, I would like the Red light on anytime the jetway is not in the default position. Is this possible? I haven't actually tried playing with that as the actual model working is a higher priority but I'm I correct to assume the Jetway_Operation_Flag is only when moving?

Thanks in advance
Hello Brendan

Sorry for the late reply. The leg bone's position is based in the static leg part's reference point. Maybe that pivot point is not placed at the parts true center point. There is an option in gmax/max to set the pivot to the object center. The pivot point location is really important for the script to work properly! Several parts such as the head, the root, the stairs, the wheels, the legs (well, basically all) must have the pivot point located at the right spot (mostly the center, except for the stairs).

The Jetway_Operation_Flag is indeed only active when the jetway is moving. It stops again when the jetway is docked on the door. If the light should be illuminated also in that final state, then it is not possible.
Hi, thanks for your reply.

I was contacted by another member earlier in the week and we narrowed it down to pivot issue like you suggested. It works perfectly in Max however after export it won't open in Model Converter X giving an Array Error. I have attached an export from Max I have just made.

Thanks everyone


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