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  1. TulparSim

    MSFS How to attach a jetway to 2 gates?

    Hello, I'm wondering how to attach a jetway 2 gates. Is there a trick or some way to achieve this behaviour? Thanks,
  2. TulparSim

    MSFS How to properly implement MARS in MSFS2020?

    Hello, MARS system, Multiple Aircraft Ramp System, is used widely in Turkey. Especially in Istanbul, this is crucial. It doubles the terminal gate capacity. Question is: 1- How to properly implement this system in MSFS 2020 sceneries? Is putting 2 mediums and 1 heavy at the same spot enough...
  3. Viktoren69

    MSFS SDK Documentation not up to date? [Solved]

    With the last SDK I have found that the official documentation is a bit different from what you get into the editor. I can't find the way to add the Jetway to the Gates, and the options for the Generic Control Tower to have the procedural ones. As what is shown in the pictures does not match the...
  4. S

    MSFS Is it possible to create and animate a complete jetway on blender for MSFS

    Hello, if I make this topic is to ask on behalf of all those (including me) if there is a tutorial or just if it is possible to create and animate a jetway on blender from A to Z. I don't have too much resources at the moment either time or money to go on 3DSMAX to modify the jetway because I...
  5. K

    Please tell me how to apply a custom jetway!

    I checked the official Jetway documentation for the MSFS SDK, but I still don't understand. I created and exported a 3D model, and clicked Build All in MSFS SDK. Then, I immediately opened Simple Airport and looked for it, Scenery, Sim object, Jetway weren't included in any of them. Is there...
  6. pyreegue

    MSFS Jetway Animation Assigned

    Hi guys, so I've sort of figured out my way through 3ds Max and animations, I took the sample Jetway.max file to animate my own jetway, reassigned most of the bones to my own mesh but can't get my head around the hood section of it, it looks weird no matter what I parent it too, seeking some...
  7. V

    Problem with jetways connecting on the right side of the plane

    Me and other developers are having a problem. When we arrive at our destination airport (MOD, it happens in different airports) from any other airport, the jetways are connected on the right side of the AI aircraft. It does not happen if you depart from that airport or with our own planes. We...
  8. chongwen20110901

    Paid Job on Custom Jetways for MSFS

    Hi, Me and my partner are working on ZSHC Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport for MSFS, and we need someone to make custom jetways for the project. The model for the terminal is done, and I can provide some necessary reference images. If you are interested, please send me and message on the...
  9. F

    paid project for MSFS airport jetway

    Dear all, SamScene3D is developing a small airport and is looking for someone who can build a custom animated jetway model used for MSFS, as well as some airport custom ground textures if need, please email them with your price if interested. email: info@samscene.com Thank you
  10. Apoorv Pal

    SDK XToMDL Error : D3DXFERR_PARSEERROR: Parse error (-2005531760)

    Hey, I was working on creating SODE Jetways using the SODEJetwaySDK and I was able to successfully make the model, run the CreateJetway Script and export the .x and .xanim files. However, when I check the "Build MDL file" checkbox in the LOD and Export Tool, I get the following error...
  11. Apoorv Pal

    Unknown Property: "standard" 3DS Max P3D v5 SDK

    Hey, I am actually a Blender user and just need 3DS Max to get my SODE Jetways working. I have the jetway modelled in blender with all UV maps and PNG textures and I exported it to Collada and imported it in 3DS Max. I need some help setting up the Prepar3D Materials in 3DS Max. Is there a...
  12. Apoorv Pal

    SODE Jetways with Blender

    Hey, I saw a couple of threads about this but couldn't find a suitable reply yet. I tried importing one of the demo Jetways using Model Converter X to get it into collada (.dae) and then Blender (import collada) but I don't seem to see any bones and rigging. It would be amazing to have a...
  13. simulacionfly

    create animated jetway, paid project

    Hello, best regards. I require for my paid project, create the animated jetway. You do it, what would it cost? Thanks for your attention
  14. simulacionfly

    jetway project creation - payment

    Regards. We request a person with knowledge in realization of gates (jetway) for a project. An animated and functional model is required to place in the simulator. You are interested, write us in private to define price and delivery time. Thank you
  15. tsgucci

    FSX Jetway 3DS Max Sample file (animated, bones)

    Hi Guys! Does somebody have an animated working example jetway file in 3DS max file? I'm trying to animate our LHBP scenery jetways. I did everything like in the tutorial video on wiki. I could import the object to the FSX but it does not move. I would compare with a working example file...
  16. pinkjr

    P3D v3 SODE Jetway

    I stopped using Gmax ages ago, and a LEGAL copy of 3DS is not within reach.....so modelling a gate kinematic model as I would like is out of the question. I would like to purchase a detailed jetway model with a 4096x4096 texture sheet that I can easily edit to my needs. Potentially two...
  17. D

    [SOLVED] sode script error when creating blender imported jetway

    everytime i try to apply the script this happens
  18. QFA1213

    Leg Bone Issue Jetway Type A

    I've been playing around with SODE for close to a year now and have recently gone back to attempting a jetway. I never quite finished the model but decided to test it in the sim before I add more complication. Everything's gone fine except for some reason the bones for the legs are not...