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  1. haykal17

    Creating SODE Jetway using Sketchup and 3DSmax

    here's my tutorial on making jetway created in SketchUp worked with SODE, using 3dsmax it could also be done using Gmax but there is no built-in.SKP importer in Gmax
  2. zTrusted

    P3D v4 Performance-friendly SODE Objects

    I am currently making windmills for Germany and have so far more than 24,000 coordinates (I use SODE). The whole thing should of course be performance friendly and pull as little FPS as possible. Currently I have more than 24,000 placements and that pulls decent FPS. Is there another method that...
  3. zTrusted

    ambient object facing in the wrong direction

    Hey, I'm currently working on a small wind turbine together with SODE. Everything works as planned. However, it does not turn into the wind, but in the direction where the wind blows. How can I make the wind turbine turn into the wind? Thats my XML of the turbine: <SimObject Name="XXXX">...
  4. Apoorv Pal

    SDK XToMDL Error : D3DXFERR_PARSEERROR: Parse error (-2005531760)

    Hey, I was working on creating SODE Jetways using the SODEJetwaySDK and I was able to successfully make the model, run the CreateJetway Script and export the .x and .xanim files. However, when I check the "Build MDL file" checkbox in the LOD and Export Tool, I get the following error...
  5. Apoorv Pal

    Unknown Property: "standard" 3DS Max P3D v5 SDK

    Hey, I am actually a Blender user and just need 3DS Max to get my SODE Jetways working. I have the jetway modelled in blender with all UV maps and PNG textures and I exported it to Collada and imported it in 3DS Max. I need some help setting up the Prepar3D Materials in 3DS Max. Is there a...
  6. Apoorv Pal

    SODE Jetways with Blender

    Hey, I saw a couple of threads about this but couldn't find a suitable reply yet. I tried importing one of the demo Jetways using Model Converter X to get it into collada (.dae) and then Blender (import collada) but I don't seem to see any bones and rigging. It would be amazing to have a...
  7. gsnde

    Free SODE Jetways

    I am working on an airport in Northern Germany. When I activate OrbX Germany North, all jetways disappear. Holger Sandmann told me, that this is due to the OrbX exclude and a long time unresolved P3D bug. Since I am already using SODE at the airport I was thinking about replacing the default...
  8. P

    Creating ALS, light sources, SODE

    Have a nice day, everyone. Guys, help me in creating ALS correctly. I will briefly tell you how I do it and ask which I would like to improve. I do all my work in SketchUp. According to airport patterns, I determine the type of ALS. I make models of lamps, their layout. Light of lamps directed...
  9. Albi

    SODE jetway fails to export from GMAX

    I have been creating a jetway and when I export from Gmax I get a series of errors- "No definition found for animation "SODE_Jetway_Root_Rotation_CTRL", "Ending an animation which wasn't started Node= BONE_ROOT. Anim = SODE_Jetway_Root_Rotation_CTRL CurAnim=" It keeps going for another 7 types...
  10. M

    SODE trees changing seasons

    Hello, guys! Please, tell me how to find when Autogen Trees are changing seasons so i can change my custom SODE trees at same time as AUTOGEN TREES. Thank you in advance!
  11. Albi

    SODE Jetway animations? (Solved)

    When I exported an animated SODE jetway from 3ds max, I get two files X file and Xanim. How do I make them into MDL? Because when I import X file into MCX, I see error saying No animation definitions found. I tried dragging and dropping to XtoMDL but didn’t work. Got a static jetway.
  12. Christian Bahr

    P3D v4 P3Dv4 compliant Windobjects

    Hello developers. A question to the experienced developers in this forum. I would like to re-program my SODE-controlled wind turbines and wind socks to meet the P3Dv4 standard and no longer need SODE. Is it even possible to design my wind objects to be P3Dv4 SDK compliant? And if that should be...
  13. J

    Exporting for use in GMax

    Hello! I have a short question about exporting objects from Blender for use in GMax and SODE (a jetway model). Basically I'm wondering if there's any way to export all these separate objects and keeping them like that when opening the file in GMax, so that I don't have to redo the "splitting"...
  14. J

    edit: remove

    Due to a bad internet connection, my thread was accidentally posted twice. I can't figure out how to remove it, so admins - feel free to remove this thread! Thanks! Jakob
  15. Rotornut44

    SODE v1.5.3 - SimObjects Duplicating

    @Jeffrey Stähli Hey Jeffrey, I'm not sure if you are aware of this or not, but I have ran into a intermittent bug with the latest version of SODE. For some reason, I will randomly get double or triple windsocks. This has only happened a few times though, so it seems to be a rare case. Reviewing...
  16. A

    MetVis Condition not working

    Hello all! been a while! Getting straight to the point, I have ground lights controlled by SODE, at the moment I have only successfully added a condition so they only display at Dawn, Dusk and Night.. However - I would like a second condition for MetVisibility, I am aware I need a EDP in the...
  17. Rotornut44

    Bear Island v2 - Open Beta (FSX, P3Dv2, P3Dv3)

    I'm excited to announce that Bear Island v2 is now available for download as an Open Beta. Any and all feedback is welcome. Download Bear Island v2 Official Release! Download EOLv2 (Required) Official Release! Installation Both packages use a installer that will install all the needed files...
  18. Rotornut44

    Exporting SODE SimObject in Model Converter X?

    Hello, I made a few performance improvements to a 3rd party SimObject windsock model that I'm using with SODE. However, I seem to be running into an issue. After I finished tweaking, I exported the model as an FSX MDL with the exact same name as the original. However, for some reason the model...
  19. spotlope

    SODE problem with Install Creator Pro

    I'm trying to create an installer for my first SODE-driven scenery using ClickTeam's Install Creator Pro, and I'm having trouble writing files to the ProgramData\12bPilot\SODE directory. It's probably because it's a protected directory under Windows, but I'm not certain how to proceed. Has...
  20. Christian Bahr

    SODE and 64-bit Prepar3D

    Hello. Will SODE continue to work in the future with a 64-Bit Version of Prepar3D? As a User of SODE, I ask myself exactly this question. Against the backdrop of a 64-bit version of the Flight Simulator Prepar3D, which is expected to be released in the future, discussions are constantly taking...