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Creating ALS, light sources, SODE

Have a nice day, everyone.
Guys, help me in creating ALS correctly. I will briefly tell you how I do it and ask which I would like to improve.
I do all my work in SketchUp.
According to airport patterns, I determine the type of ALS. I make models of lamps, their layout. Light of lamps directed in one direction.
Then I export them and work with them in MCX. I adjust the light of the lamps. To create flashing lights, I use light bulbs in the MCX, which I place on the coordinates of the middle lamp and set the blinking parameter to 2 seconds.
Here the screenshots show everything together. But basically, in SketchUp, I divide the model into constant light and flashing lamps. The principle in MCX is the same as I described.
Further, for the lamps of constant illumination, I create mdl and connect, through SODE, flashing lamps in bgl with the effects file.
The lamp model that I connect through SODE is visible to the simulator, in this regard, it connects.
In the xml parameters I prescribe data on visibility of both rain and snow for the conditions of visibility of lamas. But the lamps do not turn on in bad weather and during rain (snow). I will give an example of how I prescribe xml
<SimObject Name="LZKZ_Kosice">
<Placement Lat="48.66303049" Lon="21.24115392" Alt="230.1" Hdg="0"/>
<Model SimTitle="12bPilot_SODE_Environmental_Data_Probe">
<EnvironmentalDataProbe ClientList="LZKZ_ALS_r01"/>

<SimObject Name="LZKZ_ALS_r01">
<Placement Lat="48.66303049" Lon="21.24115392" Alt="0.0#AGL" Hdg="0"/>

<Model SimTitle="LZKZ_ALS_r01">
<ConditionalVisibility LogicExpression="A|B|D">
<Condition ID="A" Variable="TimeOfDay" Value="DUSK;DAWN;DAY;NIGHT"/>
<Condition ID="B" Variable="MetVisibility" Value="0-10000"/>
<Condition ID = "D" Variable = "MetPrecipitation" Value = "RAIN; SNOW" />


Another thing I don't like is the brightness of the glow. The lamps are not visible from far.
How can I achieve that:
1. The lamps were visible from far.
2. Included in poor visibility and rain and snow at any time of the day.

The second question is about flashing lights.
Is it possible to make in MCX that the bulb has a one-way direction of light? So that flashing lights are not visible when approaching from the opposite runway.

I will attach screenshots and an effect file with a controller for the flashing lights.
I will be happy for your help !!!
I'm not good at hml, so if you can show me some examples.
Thank you very much for the help!



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