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  1. DeMBaSs

    MSFS No lights

    Hello everyone! I've got a trouble with the lights...There're none and I'm out of ideas how to bring them into the sim What I've done by this time: – Checked the parent object in sym; – Checked gltf file as note pad, everything's good there (or at least for me); As you can see on screenshot...

    MSFS How to create a custom aircraft light in FS2020?

    So far I've learnt that in order to create a custom aircraft light, we need to create an Effect folder in our project, than copy a couple of Asobo preset FX lights and rename them. How do we tell the project where these new presets are? I've tried trough the layout.xml which is in the packages...
  3. D

    Low voltage warning light default Cessna 152

    Does anyone know how the low voltage warning light is managed? Trying to add it to the bottom of an XML ammeter gauge. The only thing I found in the SDK is a variable in the TOKEN section. Somehow I doubt we have access to those from XML gauges. Robert
  4. shushengerdai

    MSFS How to add lights for the model with 3ds max?

    Hi guys! I'm trying to build my hometown airport in MSFS. Currently I'm stuck with the lighting for model. As shown in picture 1, I want to add light for the high-pole-light to illuminate the apron, and a red light which mean high-altitude obstacle on the top of the high-pole-light. I add light...
  5. zlin142

    MSFS How to create simple indicator lamps with emissive effect?

    Hi Devs, I have reached the point in the development of my airplane where I need to make different indicator lights. I've read through the threads here and elsewhere, but the solutions of this problem are quite confusing or complicated for me. Maybe someone here has made such lights and could...
  6. C

    Transparent texture visible in fog

    Hey everyone, just noticed that my transparent light texture is visible in the fog Maybe I did something wrong in MCX? Any ideas?
  7. C

    P3D v5 Texture only visible from low viewing point

    Hello everyone, quick question. After implementing our night lighting we have struck on another issue. It only works from a low viewing point. See images below. Any idea on what this could be? Kind regards.
  8. caleb

    P3D v4 Add dynamic lighting in sim?

    I have seen some tutorials on how to add dynamic lighting to P3D using model converter X. Adding the effect to a building and then overwriting an existing building BGL or adding the building to an airport with ADE. This may be a long shot, but does anyone know if there is a tool to add dynamic...
  9. jpfil

    MSFS Lighthouse light

    Hi, I tried the rotating light for my lighthouses. The effect is beautiful but disappears after only one mile! As my goal is not for style but above all to represent reality I needed another way to increase the range of light. So I opted for the "Has beacon" option and an attachment point on...
  10. samlian


    Hi everyone, I have a problem with the glass and metal frame, for light up the room I changed the emissive parameters because the glass isn't all trasparent but blue colored in the real the light is very glow; when I move the camera the light outside windows on the frame seems to tremble...
  11. ashmanmedia

    Bridge Lights from ModelConverterX

    Question using ModelConverterX recently it converted my X-Plane.obj which had lights into a .gltf OBJECT just fine. but looking at the code and the lights they appear not to offer a STAR or maybe are just CONE lights? Can anyone recommend a change to this light type to get Bridge Lighting...
  12. A

    Original Airport Objects Not Being Deleted

    Hi Its SDK and I still cannot delete all of a standard airport. The taxiway edge lights and the wind socks just will not delete. Tried everything, nothing works. My "Airport" have all the ticks to delete every object tickets, my polygone to delete all the building is intact and i've...
  13. sleepy_t

    MSFS Light shining through the roof

    Dear members, I am currently getting to know 3D asset design using Sketchup and Blender for MSFS. One thing I noticed is, that there is light in places there shouldn't be after placing the objects in MSFS. The roof seems filled to me, but still there is light on the gable of the roof. Could...
  14. morganthomas757

    MSFS Blender Shadows not exporting

    I've ran into an issue when exporting a building complete with Point and Spot Lights into the sim using the latest Blender2MSFS Toolkit. The building object and the lights set in blender are set to cast shadows, and are of course on a day/night cycle. I've tried various different methods to get...
  15. P

    Creating ALS, light sources, SODE

    Have a nice day, everyone. Guys, help me in creating ALS correctly. I will briefly tell you how I do it and ask which I would like to improve. I do all my work in SketchUp. According to airport patterns, I determine the type of ALS. I make models of lamps, their layout. Light of lamps directed...
  16. consta

    Wigwag light V1.0

    Hello, so I decided to make something for the community. free to use in free/commercial projects
  17. Itay Dor

    P3D v4 Changing button texture when it pressed or something else happens (failure)

    I want to change the push button of an airbus to be lighten when fault happens or you just turn of the system. How i do it with XML gauges? Thanks for help
  18. SierraB

    Attaching effect to VC poly in Blender

    After some hours of research I'm still puzzled on how to attach an effect in a VC. Is it even possible? All the threads I found here mainly refer to external models to boot. Actually I just want to attach the fx_vclight to a polygon in the VC to control it with a custom <Visibility> tag. I...