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model convecter x

  1. Akhil Vijay

    FSX Bluish color in runway white light textures at foggy conditions

    I have a concern regarding the runway and approach light textures in my custom-created model. During foggy or overcast conditions, I have noticed that the white textures are appearing bluish in color. I would like to inquire if I made any mistakes during the model conversion process that could...
  2. M

    Can't start MCX

    Hi, I can't start MCX anymore. I'm using the latest development release but have also checked other releases. It briefly shows the attached message, some releases don't show anything and simply won't start. Weirdly, the program ran fine a couple of days ago but I can't remember making anyx...

    MSFS doesn't render my model

    Hi I've been trying to spawn a simobject in the sim but MSFS doesn't render the model I've tried various tools with no success, MCX, Blender2MSFS.... MCX can read my models and other developers' models very well, but the export doesn't render in the sim, @arno any Idea ? I have been trying to...
  4. V

    how not to lose animation after converting to Gmax

    do you know how i can make a 3d edition of an aircraft without losing the animations?? when I convert from MCX to edit something in GMAX/3DsMax I lose animations
  5. S

    MCX Problem with transparent textures.

    Hi, for some reason all transparent textures become opaque when exported from MCX to xplane .obj. The strange thing is when i open the texture in photoshop it is transparent but in the sim its opaque. In MCX it is rendered correctly with transparent textures as well. I have succesfully exported...
  6. A

    Display problem on ModelConverterX

    Good morning all. I am new to ModelConverterX, when I try to import an object for example in the image below, it is gray, is it normal? or maybe I don't have the right version. note I use P3D_V4. thank you for your help.
  7. P

    XToMdl.exe Unhandled Application Exception

    Hello, i am trying to export my ground poly but am having a lot of issues and trouble. I got an error while trying to convert my poly gone. This is my error Theres no animation involves. I hope to get help here and its frustrating because i can't seem to export to SIM. I am exporting this for...
  8. kevinmdavis2010

    P3D v4 P3D Compatibility?

    Good afternoon, I just downloaded the latest version of ModelConverterX. After looking at the Release Notes on the site, I got the impression that it worked with P3D4. However, when I go into ModelConverterX, it only lists FSX and FS2004 as Simulator choices. Does the software actually work...
  9. F

    P3D v4 pbr reflection seems off

    hi, im currently developing wmkp airport for p3dv4 and wanted to i. olement a bit of pbr feature in my scenery, but when it comes to the terminal glass reflection it seems a bit weird from the viewing angle. any idea what is the problem might be? modeled in blender and exportrd using mcx
  10. P

    Creating ALS, light sources, SODE

    Have a nice day, everyone. Guys, help me in creating ALS correctly. I will briefly tell you how I do it and ask which I would like to improve. I do all my work in SketchUp. According to airport patterns, I determine the type of ALS. I make models of lamps, their layout. Light of lamps directed...
  11. RED COOL

    P3D v4 MCX texture converter

    Hi @arno i found that the mcx texture converted has a normal map to FS normal map feature and that is solving many problems for me :) can you plz tell me what is that feature doing to my txeture ? i found that it move the Red channel and delete the blue one, is that all it does ? i want to set...
  12. DirectDani

    I have a problem exporting my .bgl from ModelConverterX

    //// I yesterday exported the .mdl file i made with sketchup, and i put the texture files into Skive Airport/ Texture and the .bgl file into scenery along with the proper taxiway align and runway i made in ade175. //// The only thing i saw in the sim was the photoreal scenery but i didnt...
  13. WildLynxPilot

    Extract from libraries

    I am trying to convert some old FS9 sceneries to FSX/P3D. I have some of the models as separate files - no problem with those. But some models are in a library file and MCX can not access them. Is there any way to extract models from a library?
  14. Bulent Eroglu

    P3D v4 Texture flickering and shape is not correct as the actual ground polygon.

    Hello, I made a ground polygon using Sketchup and I got few several problems. I can place it correctly without no problems at the location I want but what my main problem is that at the end the GP extends and flickers which makes it look very bad. I dont know if I have any mistakes while...
  15. T

    FSX Running into trouble exporting FSX MDL with ModelConverterX

    (I had originally posted this here before I was kindly shown the correct board dedicated to MCX by Heretic. If a moderator could please delete that thread, I would appreciate it.) Original post Hi all. Hope your day is going well, because mine is filled with frustration... For the past few days...
  16. Bungo

    MCX FEATURE Idea - Sketchup Processing - Multiple Models, Shared/Consolidated textures.

    I've been converting some sketchup models for Hobart, Tasmania out of the Sketchup 3D warehouse, and it occured to me that when processing individual models, there is a fair amount of wasted space on each texture, multiplied by the number of models, makes for a fair bit of wasted texture space...
  17. I

    Save a .MDL ModelConverterX

    Hi! My problem is that i'm doing my first project so I don't know very well what I'm doing. So: in model converter X, after load the 3d object from sketchup and minimize drawcalls, I use the Mass Texture Editor to convert the textures to .DDS . How can I know which textues I must convert...

    Ground polygon problem

    Hi, Recently I have created ground poly with blender. I was able to import it in MCX. Unfortunately after mapping with diffuse texture, the model is not converted. If I convert the model without mapping with texture it works perfectly in Fsx. The file size around 42kb. If I map the model...
  19. Rotornut44

    ModelConverterX Drawcall Minimizer Texture Size?

    Arno, Maybe you can shed some light on this. I'm attempting to optimize some scenery models that have way more drawcalls than they should. I've converted a few models already without any issues, however on a few I've tried to convert, it seems like the drawcall prediction function is acting up a...
  20. L

    FSX modelConverterX ERROR JIT(Just in Time) help me

    Consulte el final de este mensaje para obtener más detalles sobre cómo invocar a la depuración Just-In-Time (JIT) en lugar de a este cuadro de diálogo. ************** Texto de la excepción ************** System.NullReferenceException: Referencia a objeto no establecida como instancia de un...