1. Gonzales

    DXTBMP will not save changeing File in correct Colours

    I have reinstalled my Windows 7 and have since then problems with the DXTBMP. With Paint as Editor i can save the paint files and save as dds. But when I use Gimp 2.8 or 2.9 as an editor, he either does not save the files or he plays them with completely different colors. However, the norm.bmp...
  2. S

    SimFly Baghdogra X BETA

    Baghdogra VEBD is a airport in India. I have just completed making the beta version of the scenery. Download from the link -http://simflydevelopers.wixsite.com/simflydevelopers/baghdogra-airport-vebd FEATURES- 1. High detailed representation of Baghdoghra Customs Airport (VEBD). 2. Includes...
  3. S

    FSX Ground polygon textures appearing black

    i converted my textures to 32bit bmp using dxtbmp along with alpha textures. then i converted them to dds file using image tool from p3d sdk. after that i converted my gmax polygon to bgl file using mcx ground polygon wizard. but after adding my scenery to fsx the polygons are appearing black...