1. 11jovic


    Hello, i have added some new airports in my addon folder/scenery in fs2004. when i try to collect airports i get this error. "INVALID CONTROL REGISTRATION - rbFScontrols_Base. does anyone know how to resolve this at all? Jovic
  2. Lordnum

    Problem Launching Flight™

    Hi There! I'm new here, but was advised by a fellow Flight pilot, HB1PC3, to join this website to ask for much needed help. As I am also posting to msFLIGHTS.net & AVSim.com to ask for the same advice, I have posted all the problematic information to a page within my own website, at...
  3. BASys

    FTK - Addon Builder - FSX Portovers - Invisible Aircraft -

    Hi Folks Addon Builder - FSX Portovers - Invisible Aircraft - Since June 2015's FTK all attempts I've made to portover a default FSX aircraft, has resulted in an invisible model. Both in hangar, and in-game. Previously, default FSX aircraft conversions had all displayed their visual models...
  4. A

    FSX Not able to choose target FS version - AIFP - FSX-SE

    Hello! I installed FSX SE on my computer one month ago and I downloaded the newest version of AIFP (v. 3.1.18). When the Main Screen appear (where you have lists for flight plans, airports and aircrafts) after I launch it, I'm not able to select my target FS version. I suspect that it is...