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  1. C

    MSFS FSUIPC offsets and vb.net

    Hey all, I’m having issues with more advanced FSUIPC Offset reading and writing. I’m trying to read the planes altitude however can’t seem to get it to work using the FSUIPC offsets. I’m using VB.NET as the programming language. additionally, how can I read specific values within an offset...
  2. K

    How to debug a DLL in P3D V4?

    Hi all I got some code a few months back to interface my self-made hardware with p3d. It is written in c++ and creates a DLL. I have added a few more buttons and switches and they all work except for one. The person which created this is no longer reachable unfortunately. I do have some basic c...
  3. H

    Cross platform developer for search and rescue VA wanted!

    Hello. Looking for a developer to join my IVAO SOG "VSARUK" providing virtual SAR services. This will be a voluntary role but each year we will split any donations received between all members of the SOG equally. Roles will include the development of programs/gauges/tools to assist in flying...
  4. E

    Scenery conflict

    I am using P3D 4.4 coupled with EZDOK 3, FSUIPS and have used ADE to fine tune airport taxiways. I have used Sketchup to model 3D objects and then convert them with MDX for placement with IS3. For some weird reason whenever my Wichita scenery goes active, aircraft engines shut down or will not...
  5. Aidas Patas


    Hello folks, So I’ve been working on this console app for a little while. It’s purpose is to run in the background of another app (probably written using electron, at least, that’s what I use, and I’ve written my own framework for it :) ). The console app is basically a tcp client that sends...
  6. P

    How to get information like number of passengers boarding?

    Hey guys, i would like to ask, how do we get the number of passengers boarding. I would like to get the number of passengers who board my plane like for example stated using GSX. I am planning to develop a small fspassenger type just for myself. Do i need to use FSUIPC or Simconnect?
  7. Vitus

    P3D v4 Throttle/Mixture overwrite using simConnect. Problem: FSUIPC

    Hi folks, It's been a while. I've been super busy getting the update for my Vega out of the way. Since the update, some of my customers experienced some issues in combination with FSUIPC and I was wondering if someone here has an idea how to resolve this. I am overwriting the sims throttle and...
  8. Rudolf

    FSUIPC and VB connect ?

    Hello. It is possible to get latitude and longitude of the flight simulator via FSUIPC in VB, if yes someone could share the code via MP, email or right here in the forum. I'm working on a project in excel 2013 / OS x64 so if someone has the VBA code it will save me some time. I've tried...
  9. E

    64 bits Gauge with FSUIPC

    I am trying to upgrade an existing gauge for P3D v4. This gauge (DLL) used to compile and link perfectly in 32 bits and was operational for FSX and P3D, all versions. I have just changed the options to generate the DLL in 64 bits and the linker fails with unresolved sympols that are FSUIPC...
  10. Skinner_11

    Execute .lua script from external application via FSUIPC

    Hey everyone! Is it possible to use the FSUIPC SDK, to call a .lua file in the simulator, let's say for example, when a button is pressed in the app? Regards :wave:
  11. G

    FS2004 How do I move fuel from tank to tank?

    I am developing a panel for an aircraft with left, right, center1 and center2 tanks, and I need to be able to move fuel from any of those tanks, to any of those tanks other than center2. Firstly, can I do this using FS2004's own functionality (something similar to the fore-aft fuel motion on...