1. Bungo

    FSET import and mosaic?

    Is there a GIS application that can import and mosaic the BMP and Text files that FSET creates? cheers Braedon
  2. Bungo

    Ability to get google maps instead of imagery?

    Is it possible to gather the google maps tiles instead of the Google satellite imagery with something like FSET? Google Maps have more buiding outlines than any GIS data that I can find through official sources, so if I can filter out all the FOD from the imagery and digitise it It might add to...
  3. Bungo

    FSX Is there any GIS sapefile for the autogen tile boundaries?

    Does anyone know of a GIS dataset of the autogen tile grid in FSX for those of us using Globalmapper and GIS data to create autogen (in ScenProc for example)? cheers Braedon