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  1. virtuali

    ChatGPT and MSFS developement

    Surely you must all heard of ChatGPT, which has taken the internet by storm in a very short time. I found it very useful to help coding, so I tried asking this question: function showText( msg, timeout, posXRel = 40, posYRel = 40 ) { Coherent.trigger("SHOW_TOOLTIP", 0, msg, posXRel...
  2. G

    Nearest airport charset

    Hello everyone, I am working on an avionics with read access to nearby airports with javascript. I have had problems with the character set when getting the name of the airport (ident), the problem is that it does not show characters like the letter "ñ" or characters with accents. To get the...
  3. E

    MSFS Understanding Virtual File System

    I develop gauges in Javascript. As I came through a strange bug, I used the debugger to place breakpoints here and there. I happened to look into NavSystem.js, a source file provided by Asobo and when I saw it in the debugger, I realized the one I was using was not the original source file...
  4. conver

    HTML5 JS gauge P3Dv5 VC display

    Hello! Anyone has an idea how to display HTML gauge on Virtual Cockpit using panel.cfg ? How to make specific entry for this in [VcockpitXX] section to call it ? For 2D [WindowXX] is not a problem, html gauge shows normally... SDK says this: Add the HTML_FILE property (file name with...
  5. T

    MSFS Panel for MSFS

    Hi people, I'm Antonio and I trying create a panel for an aircraft in Microsoft Flight Simulator. But, I can only make the Heading Indicator. How make altimeter, for example?
  6. E

    MSFS Flashing light or label

    I am working on a gauge developed in JavaScript. I now need to have a flashing label and I don't know how to do this... I used to work in C++ in the past (fs9/FSX/P3D) and I was using the ELPASED_SECONDS variable that was increased every 1/18 second. It was easy, I just had to use this timer to...
  7. ronh

    MSFS Explain js/css/html and xml and gltf/bin and wasm relationships - Unofficial SDK ver 0.13 info

    Can someone explain the relationship between all the new file types and how they relate to each other and what they are used for/do in an aircraft project? TLDR: What I am looking for is more information on how the js/css/html/coherent panel.xml and panel.cfg work together, and I've looked at...
  8. conver

    HTML5 + JavaScript VarGet/VarSet or LUA

    Hello guys. As you know P3D v5.1 is now supporting HTML5 with JavaScript just like MSFS2020 I want to try to write and read value from some L var just like an example, but SDK doesn't help much So below is basic HTML setup for gauge. Does anyone know syntax to use functions VarGet and VarSet...