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  1. Olly Pollard

    MSFS Multiple jetways for one gate

    Is it possible to add multiple jetways for one stand? I just get a duplicate jetways ERROR when trying to compile so have to settle with one jetway per stand. Thanks
  2. S

    MSFS Is it possible to create and animate a complete jetway on blender for MSFS

    Hello, if I make this topic is to ask on behalf of all those (including me) if there is a tutorial or just if it is possible to create and animate a jetway on blender from A to Z. I don't have too much resources at the moment either time or money to go on 3DSMAX to modify the jetway because I...
  3. L


    Hi after last update april there are no jetways at airports, in devmode under tools psckages it says asobo-jetway unmounted has error. Is this file replaceble? A320nx at gate, When pushing ready to fly button aircraft swing around with engines on start moving a bit forward. Is this a part of...
  4. M

    MSFS Best way of testing SimObjects - Specifically Jetways

    So I have finally managed to get my custom jetway working, but it is such a pain having to edit the 3ds file, export, close the sim, add to comm folder, open up airport, test, and do all over again for every change. Is there a way (within the editor) to test simobjects without having to leave...
  5. A

    How to Exclude and Remove default Jetway from MSFS

    Hi Everyone... does anyone knows how to remove default jetways from airport or move them ? I tried exclude rectangle but not works... I also used polygon to remove all for flatting space and placing my new model there... everything is seems to be deleted but the jetways are still there and they...
  6. gsnde

    Free SODE Jetways

    I am working on an airport in Northern Germany. When I activate OrbX Germany North, all jetways disappear. Holger Sandmann told me, that this is due to the OrbX exclude and a long time unresolved P3D bug. Since I am already using SODE at the airport I was thinking about replacing the default...
  7. simulacionfly

    create animated jetway, paid project

    Hello, best regards. I require for my paid project, create the animated jetway. You do it, what would it cost? Thanks for your attention
  8. simulacionfly

    jetway project creation - payment

    Regards. We request a person with knowledge in realization of gates (jetway) for a project. An animated and functional model is required to place in the simulator. You are interested, write us in private to define price and delivery time. Thank you
  9. F

    Few questions about jetways

    1 When i use the aerosoft a321 and i want the jetway to connect to the second door i get an message that there are no door parameters but i already changed those find on this forum 2 When using the pmdg 777 is it possible to use both jetways i also cant seem to get that working. I got the...