1. christopherbritton

    The best way to implement custom LandClass textures?

    Hello all. As the title asks, what is the best way to go about implementing custom LandClass textures? The method I have used to date has been the well known classic of naming the textures to match the corresponding default texture name then cramming it/them into my (project) texture folder...
  2. W

    Alternative to Photorreal

    I was wondering if using google ou microsoft images in my freeware sceneries were legal or not, but I found here at FSDeveloper that it is not alowed. Which are the alternatives to have a good ground? - Customizing the landclass? - Is it possible to make a work as real as ORBX can get for a...
  3. J

    FSX About Landclass tile ground dimensions

    Hi guys Well, my question is included in the message tittle. Whatever the landclass resolution is, up to 4096, I guess it covers the same surface on the ground, perhaps depending on the latitude. So, I'd like to know more about this surface, say at a medium latitude of 45°, its value and/or how...