Landclass appearing above imagery when near?

i was doing a huge project covering the whole island of bali, im using SbuilderX for the photo Imagery and Scenproc for the autogen, it work all well before, but i see that the "coastline" part of the old imagery is really bad, so i take the new one from sbuilderX with ZL13 and make that feel "clean" but after some testing i found out that the new imagery have some problem.

the old imagery :

the new one :

when i flying near the imagery, the imagery turned to the original landclass, i tried using ZL12 and this weird thing is still there. then, i tried adding some more smaller imagery above the new one (more detailed ZL17 imagery) and the landclass didnt appear in the smaller imagery

when i fly close to the imagery :

As you can see, there is no landclass when i (kinda) far, but then when im near the imagery, its gone.

when i restore the old imagery and use 2 file at the same time the landclass is gone... what did i do wrong?