1. B

    FSX Making a repaint: How to create a separate layer with the grey details?

    Although I work with Photoshop quite a few years already, I stil haven't got 'the trick' of how to create a separate layer with the graytones, like darker parts, rivet rows and shadow lines. When lucky, a white textureversion is available, but then what? Most repaint tutorials skip this specific...
  2. christopherbritton

    [Solved] SBuilderX315 - Polygon "Make Line" leaves gap?

    Good morning. I've been working on some hand-drawn vector for my Solomon Islands X freeware scenery. To speed up the process, I have always used the "Make Line" option (by right-clicking on the poly) to draw my shoreline textures, however this leaves a gap between two of the points. Is there...
  3. G

    P3D v4 Custom lines (e.g. Taxi) do not allign

    Hello guys, I just started with my second project with a slight different approach: I decided to make all the markings (taxi lines, edge lines,...) using the Custom Lines feature! Mostly (80%) the custom lines work very well. In 20% of the cases, they missalign badly. I have read the other...

    FSX Lines and Ground Polygons

    Hi, After reading through threads and tutorials i have done everything by the book to get rid of them lines that are caused when creating ground polygons. Its getting better and after about 300ft i cant see any lines but below it at certain angles they are slightly visible however only on...