FSX Lines and Ground Polygons


After reading through threads and tutorials i have done everything by the book to get rid of them lines that are caused when creating ground polygons. Its getting better and after about 300ft i cant see any lines but below it at certain angles they are slightly visible however only on certain tiles. I have double checked gmax UV mapping and have pasted my tiles into the same tiles to create the outer edges in Photoshop.

Am i missing something?

Please view the attached photo


happened to me too. Tried everything still can't understand how there are scenerys whithout any of those white lines!


Do not remove the mipmaps, though this does not help I wouldn't recommend it.

What I do is, rescale my imagery tiles from 2048 (or 1024) to 2046 (or 1022), I then open each one in photoshop and add an extra 2 pixels (to return back to 2048 or 1024).
Duplicate your imagery tile, then select the layer underneath the one you have just duplicated and scale it to the edges.

Then in your modelling software's UVW editor, bring in the UVW's by 2 pixels on the applied texture.

The result is a non-intrusive way to deal with the lines without tampering with the actual layout and scale of the GP which does happen when the same method is applied without the 2 pixel border.
If you are using a lot of tiles, this can total up to a few meters out of place and cause mismatches in obvious areas.