1. DirectDani

    GMax Polygon Issue - FSX/P3D

    I have an issue with Gmax! - - I am "finally" done with the Polygon Spine, and next would be Converting this to a visible Poly. - - I Right click, Convert To - Convert To Editable Poly. - - Then nothing happens - - After Convert To - Convert To Editable Poly. -
  2. gayanll

    P3D v4 Grass not Transparent in P3D.

    First of all I'm new to this. I created a Plane in Gmax and applied grass with Alpha layer and all that. Exported it to MDL, and opened in MCX. Looks perfect (see attached photo) But when i load the BGL in SimDirector to place it, its not transparent. I tried many options without any luck...
  3. R

    FSX:SE issue with GMax

    Hello I installed Gmax from the FSX:SE directory because I wanted to make SODE Jetways out of it. So I copied the FSX_GMaxGamepack folder from the SDK folder and pasted it in the Gamepacks folder in GMax directory. I launched the Gmax application from the FSX Gamepack folder, but when it opens...
  4. Gerli

    FSX:SE Now what..? (Gmax and Windows 10, new problem?)

    So... the right click stoped working on gmax suddenly... no errors, no warnings... just one day it just...stop. Is this a new problem with Windows 10? Did someone experience the same problem? Restore the keybinding to default values didn't fix the problem. Edit: Tried compatibility mode and...
  5. Albi

    Gmax orientation help!

    How do I set axis Y is up in gmax? Currently Z is towards up. It’s messing up my animation when I take it to MCX.
  6. Albi

    Gmax animation problem (Solved)

    I created a loop animation line in gmax for a bus to follow, it animates fine but when I click Trajectory collapse, the bus snaps to origin/center and moves over there. 0,0 position. Any idea how to solve?
  7. Jason z

    Texture Information Not Exporting to MCX

    For some reason two of my textures for my ground polys are not listed when I export them into MCX. When I load the compiled ground polys up, the missing textures are replaced by some other texture. I don't know which textures they were replaced with exactly since they are so distorted. So far...
  8. Itay Dorfman

    Cant apply runway marks correctly in Gmax

    im trying to create a custom runway texture and marks with this guide: , and i cant apply them correctly. Help please (width sould be 45.1 i changed it)
  9. Albi

    FSX MCX problems? groundpoly.

    I am creating ground poly, created a runway using gmax. I have used 8 textures for it such as edge white line, yellow line, overlay, base asphalt and so on. But when I open it in MCX via ground poly wizard, only 6 textures show up. Then another problem is, I get textures switched, shown in the...
  10. DirectDani

    Im looking for help and work!

    Thank you for reading! So im currently learning and studying Gmax/Bender/Sketchup for becoming an developer, I know it takes time for people/you to teach this. But i would greatly take the learning into small peaces for you to have your projects done as well. Im currectly "Trying" to develop an...
  11. Bulent Eroglu

    P3D v4 importing bmp texture file without no background

    i got some runway marks, created them using photoshop got no background, they are transparent and I am 100% sure, when I save it as .bmp they have background, i tired using png but then it looks very different and nothing how its meant to be. i read about some stuff regarding alpha channel but...
  12. Albi

    Custom animated vehicle for FSX?

    I know I can create custom vehicle and animate but after modeling in Gmax, how can I make it to follow a path loop in FSX?
  13. Leo2789

    FS2004 Looking for OBJ modeler/designer - Castles & Bridges (SketchUp/Gmax/Blender)

    Hello everyone! I am looking for anybody who might be interested in helping me out with a mega project I have in the making, of which you can read more about in the following thread:
  14. Jason z

    Satellite Imagery

    What is the best free source for satellite imagery that is usable in GMAX (has a scale ratio or whatever it's called) for creating ground polys? The USGS maps recommended in tutorials for my airport (CLE) at least are black and white and are very low quality.
  15. johnman

    FS2004 Gmax - Cannot Export makemdl file

    Gmax - Cannot Export makemdl file I currently use gmax to export models to FSX ! I would like to start using gmax to also export models to fs2004. Not having a lot of luck! I get the error : MakeMdl was not found or failed to convert the model found in Export file folder ?? This is a copy of...
  16. E

    Gmax Export Error

    hey, i was trying to export animated models from gmax, but this time somehow it didnt work and pops an error, anyone can help? thx
  17. W

    [FSX] Gmax Sun Reflection how to exclude

    Hello. Ok, reflections are beautiful. But I'd like to remove them, but how? This is a soccer stadium, it doesn't need any kind of sun reflection. In Gmax: Regards, Matheus
  18. Fern

    FSX Scenery Static Cars

    Hi, All I am looking for cars to be used static in FSX scenery (of FS2004, for that matter). Problem with the library objects is that the individual vehicles have lights on at night, and the parked ones don't always fit the space available. Does anyone know of a gmax/3ds bunch of cars...
  19. delivery guy

    FSXA Gmax MAXscript error: Unknown system exception

    If you use Gmax i am sure you have seen this error and forced to restart Gmax. MAXscript error: "Unknown system exception I have searched online from time to time and found that people get this error for different reasons and there is no real solution. I get this problem from "right clicking...
  20. nimworks

    3ds-Max Gmax Bridge 2.0

    The 3ds-Max Gmax Bridge maxscript utility facilitates the exchange of geometry and associated key-frame animation between 3ds-Max and Gmax. Gmax, by default, cannot export to data interchange formats like FBX or COLLADA thus making the data created within Gmax redundant and confined to the...