P3D v4 Grass not Transparent in P3D.

First of all I'm new to this. I created a Plane in Gmax and applied grass with Alpha layer and all that. Exported it to MDL, and opened in MCX. Looks perfect (see attached photo)

But when i load the BGL in SimDirector to place it, its not transparent. I tried many options without any luck :confused:

Can somebody pls help me here.




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All I can imagine is that your bitmap is not fully compatible with P3D or your current P3D video settings.

What is the bitmap's format and how did you create it?
I used photoshop, with Nvidia plugin. Im pretty sure it works bcuz all other transparent things looks fine.
I was having same issue, then i used the FSX export format in MCX at time of export, it work for me and i do this only for exporting model's material having Alpha channel


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Someone else has said that the P3Dv4 SDK has some issues, perhaps this is one of them. He used the v3 SDK which worked for him, but the FSX SDK should work too.