Im looking for help and work!

Thank you for reading! So im currently learning and studying Gmax/Bender/Sketchup for becoming an developer, I know it takes time for people/you to teach this. But i would greatly take the learning into small peaces for you to have your projects done as well. Im currectly "Trying" to develop an airport called Landskrona, placed in Sweden. I know how to get Satellite Images myself, i do it from FSEarthTiles and SBuilderX. I do quite alot of just for fun modelling in sketchup, modelling buildings (But ofcource the ones i can have taking pictures of from real life, to get the sort of information an textures about the subject! ) So as i said, i can take slow learning for a good end result of my first time. ((I will put an image of what i've planned to do of the project of Landskrona. And i have a couple of contact pilots flying up there, who eventually can take some detail photos )) So i would really Appreciate if anyone out there with time who could help me :)