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  1. anzilimut

    MSFS Join our Team at vTMA

    Are you passionate about aviation and development? Join our dedicated team at vTMA (Virtual Trans Maldivian Airlines) as we embark on an exciting project within the virtual aviation realm. About vTMA: vTMA is an innovative virtual airline inspired by the real-world operations of Trans Maldivian...
  2. S

    MSFS Recruiting: Chart Display add-on for MSFS

    Hello! I am involved with popular stand-alone app for MSFS that allows viewing and printing of various PDF-based charts (approach charts, airport diagrams, etc). However, at present, the app does not integrate directly to MSFS (or any other sim). I am looking for an experienced developer who...
  3. L

    Looking for a 3D Modeler

    Hello, I have a couple of projects for P3D, MSFS, and XP12 that I am working on. I'm looking for someone that's good at creating 3D models (Preferably Buildings). If you're interested, kindly contact me and let's discuss a deal. Contact info: 787CaptainRix#4065(Discord)...
  4. FrancisJohannes


    Hello, We are in need for a 3d modeler/designer (blender preferred). We need to finish an airport project that's been on paused for too long and start another one. I need to hire someone that I can trust and is not shy to constantly communicate with us regarding any details. This is a paid...
  5. F

    Looking for dev to make a simple tool on short notice (paid)

    Hi! I'm working on a debriefing training tool that's used in aviation and we're exhibiting at an expo in about a month's time (company: VRef Solutions). To showcase our product we're using a MSFS VR setup and we're planning on using the FBW A32NX to let visitors take it for a spin. Ideally...
  6. A

    Looking for Modelers/Dev's for 777-300ER for MSFS2020

    Hello! I am Alex Flies in the process of making a 777-300ER from blender into MSFS. I am looking for any type of modeler or developer. Respond ASAP and DM me on discord Alex Flies#3552
  7. sim4flight

    Flexible Positions Available

    Sim4Flight is looking for talented developers to join its A35X endeavour! While we have made considerable progress on our flagship project: The A35X for MSFS. We want to increase our production speed to a more favourable level and are looking for more talented developers to add to our team...
  8. mitchsaviation

    How Do I Edit Land Class?? In P3D

    I have been developing my product and when generating a file it created a piece of land that look very weird, how can edit this and get rid of it what software do i need?? please help needed!!
  9. E

    Looking for devs (C# .net) for an open source MMO airline manager

    Hi everyone! we are seeking aviation enthusiasts with knowledge in C#,.net or UI design for our upcoming airline manager project! the project currently approaching an alpha state,we have aircraft importing,flight following and a skeleton for the client ready. If you are interested taking part...
  10. JamesBApilot

    3DS Max 3D Modeller - Paid Opportunity

    Hi All, Looking to find a 3D Modeller for a project a group of us are working on for the current flight sims. This involves the modeling of scenery/aircraft/flight sim objects. This is a paid role and payment would be agreed for the work completed (Pre-Arranged). Experience in 3D modeling...
  11. DirectDani

    Im looking for help and work!

    Thank you for reading! So im currently learning and studying Gmax/Bender/Sketchup for becoming an developer, I know it takes time for people/you to teach this. But i would greatly take the learning into small peaces for you to have your projects done as well. Im currectly "Trying" to develop an...
  12. J


  13. L

    Cherching for LUA Developper

    Hello everyone, I'm new on this Forum. I made a Home cockpit real size of Cessna 182 and I would make my G1000 using FSUIPC to be compatible with A2A C182 Gauges. A2A use LVAR on their Aircrafts and especially on the Gauges, that's why my G1000 send me wrong values (For example, I have 1400 RPM...
  14. Pablo R.

    FSX Help with airport elevations

    Hello, I have a problem with elevations in the airport I'm developing. It's an airfield that is not included by default, so I have to make it from scratch. As it's in the middle of the countryside, there are little elevation variations and when I try to place the runway with Instant Scenery it...
  15. Shea Singerling

    DCS World AC-130 Spooky

    I'm looking for someone who can work via contract with me to develop and program a custom style AC-130 spooky gunship for Digital Combat Simulator (DCS) World 1.5. This project will be payable via PayPal.
  16. hieronymus

    XML Gauges Parser Source Code Available

    I spend several hours writing a XML Parser which successfully renders the 2D panels of most aircraft. A few successfully Apps I made for the iOS platform. Since I wont have time anymore to maintain, I am looking for a company or developer who is interested in the source (c#, IOS)
  17. DTG Martin

    What do you want from an SDK in DTG Flight Simulator (Official Discussion)

    Greetings virtual pilots, Welcome to the content creation/modding thread! When we announced DTG Flight School and DTG Flight Simulator one of the very first questions that we were asked was “Will there be an open, publicly released SDK?” Since that day you have not stopped asking us this...