Gmax orientation help!

How do I set axis Y is up in gmax? Currently Z is towards up. It’s messing up my animation when I take it to MCX.


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Z axis is up in the Gmax world, that’s how it is. Does your model look right way up in the Left view? If so, I think you’re a bit baffled by the gizmo and its different modes versus the pivot - like most of us when first working with Gmax.

I’ve got a day’s work to do first, but I’ll post more this evening.
It works fine in FSX after exporting even thought I see it weird in MCX. But now the problem is the animated bus (I had an animated bus from gmax) is disappearing, only viewable from certain angles..such as a zoomed out view in top view.


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Thanks Tom!

If the animation shows in FSX, it sounds like a result to me: MCX can worry for itself. Follow the help offered in Tom's post above, your problem in FSX is a known one.