model convert x


    P3D v4 Console Based or scriptable MCX

    Hello @arno your MCX is really useful when it comes to access some libraries and update them. I was working on updating some Libraries to PBR for P3D 4.5 and the library had 31 objects and I had to update only 2 objects so exporting all models manually and making the library again was time...
  2. juan30005

    help me to export to mdl

    Hi. I'm trying to improve a plane that I like but I have problems exporting it with the changes already made. You can help me to find out. Thank you hola. estoy intentando mejorar un avion que me gusta pero tengo problemas al exportarlo con los cambios ya hechos. me pueden ayudar a...
  3. A


    Greetings ... I'm "trying" to create a scenario for fsx and p3d with the objects I have no problem, but with what runways and taxiways yes, and that is that when I'm on runway it does not see the same but with I am ascending the runway little by little it is appearing ... the problem is that ...
  4. christopherbritton

    P3D v4 MCX - No Volume Shadow? (Solved)

    Hello, I was messing around with one of my models and happened to notice that the Volume Shadow texture option in Model Converter X fails to stay set to true when I export a P3Dv4 MDL. The option does stay set when I export the P3Dv2 and FSX models. Was this option removed in P3Dv4 or is this...
  5. Fern

    Model Converter X - Export Object Problem - FSX Library

    Hi, I could not find this problem anywhere in the forum. My newest version of Model Converter X (Dated 20161228) has problems exporting library objects as 3ds. Specifically, the library is "vehicles_land.bgl", and any object in that library will give the same error. I did click on "Send" the...