Greetings ... I'm "trying" to create a scenario for fsx and p3d with the objects I have no problem, but with what runways and taxiways yes, and that is that when I'm on runway it does not see the same but with I am ascending the runway little by little it is appearing ... the problem is that ... that being on the runway is not seen but when I am a few meters above yes ... can someone tell me how to fix it? Or maybe I'm doing something in model converter x or maybe it's the ADE (airport design editor)
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Have you used ADE to make the runway? Have you updated ADE to 1.76 to make it work also in P3D?
In case you use ADE, have you added a flatten to the airport?
What is this yellow line and what is this darker runway on top of the lighter shaded runway???
And why is the aircraft sitting somewhere where it should not? Are different taxiway and runway textures overlapping, perhaps?
Are you sure you saved your updated airport in an activated scenery folder with higher priority than the default one?
I can come up with a dozen more reasons why you ended up with what you have.
You will have to give us more info.
- yellow line and darker runway are part of a "runway" made with sketchup, i am trying to create a scenery like orbx or aerosoft´s sceneries
- i use ADE 1.70.6029
- runway made with sketchup should be above runway made with ADE .... true ?
- SCENERY in library scenery is like number 1 and active
- i added flatten to the airport but problem still there
ADE version 1.70 is not for P3Dv4 AFAIK!
Your SketchUp runway is only a visual improvement but does not alter the default P3D airport. That is something to be done with ADE (for instance).
I am afraid it would be better if you read through the manual of ADE once more and how to convert dae files to mdl's and then how to use the groundpoly Wizard in MCX (Unless you show us the dae/mdl or the ad4 file to help you).
Do not be so shy:).

You may wish to first review this tutorial:

Also see:
(set "HD" quality for video)

NOTE: Instead of using FS Earth Tiles (aka "FSET"), aerial imagery source file(s) may also be derived via SBuilderX or downloaded from other free or fee-based online GIS access portals.

Additionally, you may wish to review the topics related to this inquiry, that are found in this Google search:,cfro=1,sueb=1,kpnr=200.2..0...1.1.64.psy-ab..2.12.1492...0j0i131k1j0i10k1j0i131i10k1j0i7i30k1j0i13k1.0.p-IpZiHNGGI

FYI: To use Arno's ModelConverterX (aka "MCX") to make Ground Polygons (aka "G-Polys") for P3Dv4.x, install:

* Latest MCX development release:

* P3Dv4.x SDK:

BTW: To modify FS default airports and make them work compatibly with custom G-Polys in FSX and P3Dv4.x, install:

* ADE 1.75x release:

* ADE Version 1.76.6582 Update (automatically installed via on-line updater engine during ADE start-up:)

NOTE: The latest ADE manual at this time appears to be version 1.65x, and can be downloaded here:

PS: To avoid ADE airport load-up delay issues:

...the 2D model footprint database for ADE 1.70 and newer can be installed after downloaded from this link:

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