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model editing

  1. Quazzy

    MSFS Editing Default Aircraft

    To cut straight to the point, I am looking to replace the default steam attitude indicator with my model of a Garmin G5 in the steam gauge C172. Is this even something that I can do? If I wanted to do something like this, would I have to make my own interior model? How does Black Square do it...
  2. PhobosDesigns

    MSFS [Deleted]

  3. WayneS

    FSX Lights not working properly after export on MCX

    Hello, I recently started editing and adding materials to all the aircraft I fly to give it better reflections (my attempt to get some P3D-style reflections in FSX). I did this via ModelConverterX's material editor and adding environmental, fresnel and specular maps. I was quite impressed with...
  4. Jaxcksn

    MSFS Ground Polygon Alignment Issues

    Hi everyone, I’d figure I’d go here to ask for some help with some finicky ground polygons. Basically, whenever I am creating the ground polygons overtop my reference image (which is projected in WGS 84 / Psuedo-Merc like the bing maps imagery) it looks fine in the 3D modeling software, but...
  5. C

    MSFS Adding EFFECTS to an aircraft?

    Hello everybody, has anyone of you got a clue, on if it possible to add effects to an aircraft already? Talking about stuff such as wingtip vortices, contrails (of course...) and stuff. I already tried around a little. For example: Adding [Smokesystem] smoke.0=-17.4, -43.8, 1.04...
  6. T

    FSX Running into trouble exporting FSX MDL with ModelConverterX

    (I had originally posted this here before I was kindly shown the correct board dedicated to MCX by Heretic. If a moderator could please delete that thread, I would appreciate it.) Original post Hi all. Hope your day is going well, because mine is filled with frustration... For the past few days...
  7. T

    FSX Having troubleexporting MDL with ModelConverterX

    Hi all. Hope your day is going well, because mine is filled with frustration... For the past few days I have been trying to use ModelConverterX to move the default B737 VC in a freeware 767 I have downloaded. The cockpit is too far back obviously because its a 737 VC being used in a 767. which...
  8. Mick_S

    MCX: Edit Doors Animation

    Hello everybody, it might be simple to do, but right now I'm a bit lost looking at the enourmous possibilities of Arno's outstanding tool ModelConverterX while not knowing what I do in detail. Unfortunately the tutorials don't go so much in detail as needed here... maybe one of you would be...