1. K

    FSX Trying To Make A Photorealistic Scenery Of Ikaria Island

    Hey Guys I am trying to creat a photorealistic scenery of Ikaria Island in Greece , yesterday i was trying to do it for like 5 hours . But it didn't work , i watched like 10 tutorials of how to use the program , since i am new , i've also read the manual of ADE a bit but i wasn't able to do...
  2. H

    Very New. Any Good Tutorials For 3DS MAX?

    Hi everyone. I have been looking into modelling for a while but looking at everything at first looks very confusing. I am planning to make a little Cessna as a practice before thinking about bigger projects. Does anyone know any good beginner tutorials or videos on modelling and other panel...
  3. Leo2789

    FS2004 Tokelau Islands - Complete Scenery

    Hello, As I mentoined in the thread 'I'm working on scenery... (2018)', I am developing scenery for the Tokelau Islands, which geographically includes 4 atolls: 3 compromising the nation of Tokelau itself - which is a dependent territory of New Zealand - and 1 which is Swains Island, part of...
  4. S

    FSX SimFly Cox Bazaar (VGCB) HD

    Work in progress for Cox Bazaar Airport, Bangladesh in fsx, fsx se, p3d v3 and above. Cox's Bazar International Airport (IATA: CXB, ICAO: VGCB) is a domestic airport in the resort town of Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh. The airport serves mostly local and foreign tourists.