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  1. Augustin Winther

    MSFS ENBM - Voss Airport, Bømoen

    ENBM - Voss Airport, Bømoen | Version 0.1.0 | 2020-08-28 I've added a quick and easy rendition of ENBM to the sim. This airport is not in the base game unfortunately, most likely due to really bad quality aerial imagery. Voss Airport, Bømoen is a general aviation airport located on the former...
  2. Augustin Winther

    MSFS ENSD - Sandane Airport, Anda

    ENSD - Sandane Airport, Anda | Version 0.1.0 | 2020-08-23 I’ve created a rendition of my local airport ENSD - Anda. It’s a massive improvement compared to the default. The airport is located on the beautiful west coast of Norway, and is considered one of the most dangerous airports in Norway...
  3. Rustam46

    Project-ENTO Sandefjord - Airport Torp 2020, Norway for P3D v5.

    Hi friends! Not so long ago, I started work on this wonderful airport. I don’t know why Torp ... I just walked on Google Earth and accidentally saw it. The airport seemed interesting to me and not so big. It was just for me, since I'm just a novice developer! I started working with ground...
  4. N

    P3D v4 Orsta Volda Hovden [ENOV]

    ***Theese pictures have been taking during testing on my laptop, wich isnt a great flightsim pc*** I wanted to show some of the progress of my Ørsta-Volda Hovden scenery. There is still a lot to do, both modelling, adjusting and so on, so it will take time before its released. Developing for...
  5. IronSim

    P3D v4 Vadsø Airport [ENVD]

    Hi, I am currently working on Vadsoe airport in Norway. this is a small airport where wideroe operates regional flight this scenery will be a lite scenery (Not highly Detailed) and will be made for FSX , P3D (all versions).
  6. winrace12

    RELEASED! ENFB Fornebu Airport - Bringing back a closed airport in P3D

    Hello all! Thought I would share a special project I am working on at the moment, Fornebu Airport. Fornebu was the main airport serving Oslo and Eastern Norway from 1939 to 1998. It was then replaced by Oslo Airport, Gardermoen and the area has since been redeveloped. This is how the airport...