1. b2soft

    P3D v4 Dark diffuse in PBR texture

    Hi. Just started working with the PBR materials in the Prepar3D 4.4. I created simple rectangle (in 3DS Max) and simple PBR texture (using Substance Designer). Texture looks like this (preview in 3DS using Prepar3D PBR material type): I converted all maps to DXT5 using ImagetTool and then I...
  2. P

    P3D v4 how to control the indago UAS from joystick?

    Hi, guys I want to control the indago UAS to joystick in P3D v4.4. But I could not control it with a joystick. So, I have a few questions. 1. Can I control the indago UAS with a joystick? 2. Can I create the Quadcopter.dll in the PDK Project(c++) Thank you.
  3. C

    P3D v4 P3D4 jetways

    When using ADE I see that there are jetways everywhere but they aren't seen in the airport with P3D4 running. Is there a way to make the jetways shown in ADE to become seen in P3D4?
  4. C

    Prepar3D v4 & ADE

    Hello I'm new to both Prepar3D v4 & ADE 1.76 but I used a lot FSX & AFX. Since P3D4 is a 64bit application it will be much much better than FSX (RIP). I just can't make changes in a stock airport. I open it, work on it, save it to Projects, but there is no way of getting it to my Prepar3D v4...