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  1. Jackaroo05

    MSFS P3D v4/v5 Gauge to MSFS?

    Is there any way to port a P3D v4/v5 gauge to MSFS? I'm trying to convert analog gauges. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Minivation

    P3D v4 [Released] Chesapeake Regional [KCPK] for P3Dv4+

    A few months ago, while I was still working on the Hampton Roads project (KPVG), I dropped by another local airport - Chesapeake Regional (KCPK) - and snapped a bunch of photos with my cell phone. If anyone saw a weird guy in sweatpants wandering around the airport property with flip flops, that...
  3. lmhariano

    P3D v4 Default parking spots do not appear in P3D4/FSX

    I've made an AFCAD for SACO airport, based on real charts. However, despite setting all parking spot lines as visible, I was never able to make them showup in FSX'SE. After switching to P3D4 and reading that the parking spot and the taxi path leading to it must not be perfectly lined up, I...
  4. kevinmdavis2010

    P3D v4 Placing objects

    Good afternoon, I want to place some 3D buildings (restaurants, hotels, etc) from Sketchup into P3D4 - but not on an airport. Because of this, I don't think ADE is the right tool. What tool or software do I use to place an object at a specified location? Any help you can provide is...
  5. b2soft

    P3D v4 Dark diffuse in PBR texture

    Hi. Just started working with the PBR materials in the Prepar3D 4.4. I created simple rectangle (in 3DS Max) and simple PBR texture (using Substance Designer). Texture looks like this (preview in 3DS using Prepar3D PBR material type): I converted all maps to DXT5 using ImagetTool and then I...
  6. P

    P3D v4 how to control the indago UAS from joystick?

    Hi, guys I want to control the indago UAS to joystick in P3D v4.4. But I could not control it with a joystick. So, I have a few questions. 1. Can I control the indago UAS with a joystick? 2. Can I create the Quadcopter.dll in the PDK Project(c++) Thank you.
  7. C

    P3D v4 P3D4 jetways

    When using ADE I see that there are jetways everywhere but they aren't seen in the airport with P3D4 running. Is there a way to make the jetways shown in ADE to become seen in P3D4?
  8. C

    Prepar3D v4 & ADE

    Hello I'm new to both Prepar3D v4 & ADE 1.76 but I used a lot FSX & AFX. Since P3D4 is a 64bit application it will be much much better than FSX (RIP). I just can't make changes in a stock airport. I open it, work on it, save it to Projects, but there is no way of getting it to my Prepar3D v4...