1. MOUSY

    P3D v4 PBR Decal order, disappearing layers based on zbias.

    Intriguing issue here. TLDR; GP layers with PBR disappear based on zbias values. I have a GP (processed through the GP Wizard of MCX and placed via SODE as an MDL) with 3 groups of layers: A satellite image base layer. (Zbias 0) A PBR layer overlay for conrete tile/asphalt areas. (Zbias 4) A...
  2. A

    General idea for ground textures

    Hello, I plan on making taxiways and my aim to keep it as realistic as possible (adding scratches and cracks to the taxiway etc.). I may not get the final result, but I still want to give it a go. I've seen lots using Gmax, while others have used Blender. I'm wondering which guide can help me...
  3. K

    P3D v4 Terrain Slope Flatten Poly

    Hey, Been using ADE for quite some time and it's a fantastic tool to create/improve airports in the sim but I've run into a small issue that I am fairly certain is due to my own mistake somewhere. Nevertheless, I've searched through the forum here and looked up the FAQ which did help to an...
  4. A

    Trying to Create stand numbers on the taxiway.

    Hello all, I am attempting to create one of those stand numbers that you see whilst on the taxiway. (I don't know the name of it): http://prntscr.com/j5bt8f I decided to create the numbers with the Custom Ground Line tool. The trouble with this is that I don't know how to resize it with the...
  5. MOUSY

    Detail texture replaces texture it's supposed to enhance.

    Unless I completely misunderstand detail textures, they're suppose to add detail when zoomed up close but leave the texture looking mostly unchanged when viewed at a distance. No matter what I try, any detail texture I add to my ground polygon completeley replaces the original. This is the...
  6. MOUSY

    Wrong Season Loads on Ground Poly

    I used MCX to add seasons to my Ground Poly. But whenever I reopen the BGL and set BGL_ZULU_DAY to anywhere between 335 and 31, instead of Fall textures, Winter is loaded. Same thing happens in sim. All other seasons work fine. Any ideas?
  7. MOUSY

    Hiring Texture Artist for photorealistic work on Airport/Ground Polygons

    Requirements: - Create HD photorealistic textures for objects and ground polygons of small to medium sized (mostly Caribbean) airports (mostly from close up photographs, sometimes hand-made). - Ground polygons need to be high resolution with specular, reflection, dirt, skid marks, etc. -...