Hiring Texture Artist for photorealistic work on Airport/Ground Polygons


Resource contributor
- Create HD photorealistic textures for objects and ground polygons of small to medium sized (mostly Caribbean) airports (mostly from close up photographs, sometimes hand-made).
- Ground polygons need to be high resolution with specular, reflection, dirt, skid marks, etc.
- Implement convincing night lighting and shadowing.
- Implement realistic shrubs and grass objects around airports.

Texture Artist will receive completed models for their work flow.
Payment driven by sales and is negotiable.

Contact me via PM or preferably at richersimulations at gmail.com with photoss/videos of previous work experience and further discussion on how we might work together.
When I design, I use the imagery to understand the modelling, and vice versa. I'd be less successful if I were to separate those jobs. Have you just learned to model, but not yet learned to work with imagery? I always size my models based on doors within the imagery. I often use multimaterials which drive the modeller to assign material IDs based on the texturing plan.

I suspect you'll be much happier and much more successful if you learn to make textures and do both....or if you need to specialize I'd give yourself the job of doing all modelling, both geometric and decorative, and perhaps ask somebody to help you with ground poly efforts.


Resource contributor
I agree, modelling and texturing go hand in hand. I have learnt to create extremely convincing building models when I have good source photos (see small project below.)
10587001_10152162517812273_923360616_o.jpg 10589195_10152162517707273_171593798_o.jpg

However, my difficulty comes when I have to create detailed textures by hand. I have spent hours trying my hand at it, but I find that I seem to lack the creative nous to produce convincing results.

If a texture artist is willing to bring their creativity and join only for HD ground poly creation, I would consider that also.
Textures at airports are real time consuming, the issue you might run into is I don't think that many people are fast enough for it to be affordable to do the work for someone else. Even if you found someone, I'm not sure you'd be happy with the results. The few that are, probably do it so often, that they are working somewhere else.

If your area lacks super high-res imagery, then what I suggest is finding some very high res public domain imagery provided by somewhere other than your own airport, but somewhere that has a close enough look to it, and then overlay that imagery as a ground tile under your airport. You can even use the Adobe patch tool to blend the other texture onto an original image so that you maintain some matching area.

Wish you the best...