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  1. WorldSky

    MCX texture looks blurry from far

    Hello, how do I restore the texture so that it is not blurry from a distance view? because in p3d it looks the same as what I see in mmcx.
  2. Akhil Vijay

    FSX Bluish color in runway white light textures at foggy conditions

    I have a concern regarding the runway and approach light textures in my custom-created model. During foggy or overcast conditions, I have noticed that the white textures are appearing bluish in color. I would like to inquire if I made any mistakes during the model conversion process that could...
  3. FSMuseum

    Sketchup Texture Mapping Issues

    Hi all, I am attempting to model some very low-poly cars for use as scenery objects. Issue #1: Each car is an individual component in Sketchup for ease of copying and modifying. When entering the component (double clicking on) and then exiting the component, the texture mapping of any...
  4. D

    LOD & optimization

    I work (in Blender) on a static model with textures that have normal maps. WRT LODs the 'optimization rules' in the SDK Documentation claim that better than introducing new resized textures it is to abandon individual textures completely. And a good way to start right from LOD01 is to dismiss...
  5. M

    MSFS Same model with different textures?

    Hi all, Please, tell me if it's possible to have the same model (not simobject), for example a static car (for parking) or human, with different textures (liveries) for it? Thank you!
  6. jpfil

    MSFS Third party aircraft texture issue

    Hello, A colleague of mine did textures of an airline for Asobo's Kingair. If I load this model to pilot it the textures display perfectly without any problem. On the other hand, if I use this model as a static SimObject in a scenery, the texture of the company disappears if I am more than 100...
  7. unc1rlm

    Convert Textures

    If you have a model and the images are called 0/1/2/3/4 jpgs or pngs. with the tool in textures under material So you would rename the textures first and re-export to create a new bin/gltf/xml. so that you don't get an error message in the package tool when you first put the model in the...
  8. B

    MSFS How to add materials to an imported aircraft?

    Hello, I’ve just imported a FSX aircraft using the legacy converter but it’s textures don’t show any reflection at all (the livery looks like it’s made of concrete). I’ve tried opening the aircraft.cfg file in the Model Converter X, changing the smothness to 1 in all textures and export them...
  9. PhobosDesigns

    MSFS [Deleted]

  10. PhobosDesigns

    MSFS [SOLVED] Fence object transparency issues and flickering

    Hey folks! Just started work on my perimeter fence and was very happy with the model and textures I made until I saw it lined up in the MSFS SDK. I'm seeing two big issues: The fence looks correct when the ground is in the background, but the texture disappears when the sky is the background...
  11. K

    Texture Shading Issue

    Hey everyone, i used this 3 extra shading modifications to make a grass texture in random tile pattern and a noise texture to create some darker spots on the ground. In MSFS it doesn´t show up like this. It is just the albedo texture. Is there a way to implement my modifications on shading...
  12. A

    Multi Object Per Texture

    Hi What i'm wondering is if anyone can help me with the process of creating a single texture which has multiple objects on it and how to access them in MSFS2020 I can physically create the file, the problem i have is how to we tell the sim that it needs to access only the parts of the file for...
  13. J

    How to get white building texture?

    I'm trying to relearn the basics of creating models, so I am experimenting with SketchUp and MCX. If I create an object, use a stock white colour on it, it always seems to have this greyish look to it, I assume from the built in AO and lighting in MSFS. When I look at other scenery I own, it...
  14. PhobosDesigns

    Automated runway ground markings don't work with custom painted line texture

    As the title says, I'm working on a few variations of painted line textures to make the more realistic over time. I did notice though that the automated runway markings go bonkers as soon as I use the HOLD_SHORT lines of any sort. I'm fairly certain these numbers are being yanked automatically...
  15. C

    P3D v5 Texture only visible from low viewing point

    Hello everyone, quick question. After implementing our night lighting we have struck on another issue. It only works from a low viewing point. See images below. Any idea on what this could be? Kind regards.
  16. Ahunterg95

    Blender Texturing a 3D model in Blender, Please HELP!

    Hi all, I'm new to 3D modelling and texturing; after realising that placing objects into the sim is only a limited portion of scenery development... A few months ago I completed the doughnut tutorial, then made this hut as my very first ever 3D Model... I think I made it far too detailed 😂...
  17. FrancisJohannes

    Bleeding Ground Textures Ground Polygon Problems

    Hi guys, this started happening to one of my custom sceneries I created but only after SU5 in MSFS2020. Does anyone know about this issue? I've been trying to find information on it so I can resolve it. Please let me know the proper terminology or definition for this visual issue. It only...
  18. Lons01

    MSFS Stand Signs - An easier Way?

    Hi, Does anyone know whether there is an easier and quicker way to make multiple aircraft stand number signs? At the moment I have to do an export for each stand # sign which is very time-intensive. Is there a way to export a single model but apply different textures within SDK. Any advice...
  19. M

    Questions on emissie textures, excluding AI traffic, Animated people to MSFS, Time of day params to objects.

    Hi. New to the forum but been lurking for a looong time. I have a few questions that I hope some of you might know the answer to, though they have been asked before, things are changing fast in the SDK, and since most of them are months old im hoping that solutions/fixes have come to light...
  20. M

    P3D v4 Camera View in C++ Gauge

    I’m still new to C++ gauge programming but wondering how you embed camera views (similar to using <texture name=“…> in XML) into a C++ gauge? The eventual output will be a FLIR type gauge in a 2D or VC gauge. Ive looked through the wiki and not found anything obvious apart from the texture and...