1. A

    P3D v4 puddle issue, help!

    Hi! I tried make puddles following this tutorial: In MCX they are right, but in the simulator I see ¿omelets? Any tips about what is wrong? I exported the model with MCX to mdl, after that I loaded mdl to convert to bgl p3dv4, and inserted with ADE in scenery. Thank you!!
  2. C

    P3D v4 Rougness/Specular textures in MCX PBR material?

    Hello everyone! I am not an expert in PBR, so I've got some problems.. I exported textures form quixel mixer, metalness workflow. I selected Albedo, Metalness, Normal. Then I applied that textures to ground polygon and this is result in Prepar - surface is really ''wet''.. I think this is...
  3. Itay Dorfman

    P3D v4 mdl textures disapear after second export

    mdl textures disapear after second export. what to do? is it a bug in MCX? BTW the file size drops by 3kb.
  4. Itay Dorfman

    P3D v4 Changing button texture when it pressed or something else happens (failure)

    I want to change the push button of an airbus to be lighten when fault happens or you just turn of the system. How i do it with XML gauges? Thanks for help
  5. christopherbritton

    Removing grass skirt paired with custom shoreline texture?

    Hello, I have been working on redoing the shoreline textures for my Solomon Islands scenery. I'm replacing the old beach textures with a custom version that fades into the water a bit better. However, I have noticed that although I used the original beach texture file (scaled to a higher...
  6. Itay Dorfman

    Missing Tile?

    when i converted my object in MCX there is one issue. what should i do
  7. Aidas Patas

    Unsupported material element map_Ks

    Hello, I am getting this error, after converting .BGL to .OBJ, [ONJReader] Unsupported material map_Ks, however I looked into it and found nothing online, and this error makes all of my buildings window parts go transparent and see through, for example: .OBJ File: .BGL File: Also, any clue...
  8. Bulent Eroglu

    P3D v4 texturing 3ds max (taxi line)

    Hello, many of you guys might of seen me struggling with 3ds max but i somehow understand some stuff and I feel like I am progressing but I am having one problem regarding texturing taxi line. I made a short video demonstrating how I try to make my taxi lines so you guys know exactly what I am...
  9. J


  10. christopherbritton

    [SKP/MCX] Stubborn model texture mapping issue.

    Hello. I'm throwing this thread into the 3D Objects General forum board because quite frankly I'm not sure exactly where it fits.. I've had this issue for a while and have ignored it until now since it has just been a minor texture issue. However, I would like to fix it. When viewing my model...
  11. Ronald

    Blender - Smart UV Project - Bended Uvmap section editing

    I'm currently working on creating the textures for my YF16 project. I'm using the [UV Mapping] -> [Smart UV Project] methode in Blender to generate my UV maps (see image above) A - Some of my 3D mesh part unwrap perfectly symentrical (the one with the green lines). B - One part of the mesh...
  12. N

    Sketchup to Blender

    so I have a objekt with texture in sketchup, and when I am trying to import the objekt to Blender, the objekt is mossigt it’s texture, how do I import the objekt with texture?

    How to create PBR Combined (TextureName_C) Texture?

    Hi, I would like to know how can we create PBR combined (TextureName_C) texture for Flight Sim World use? Hope someone can help me on this The SDK (http://fswsdk.dovetailgames.com/art-authoring/physically-based-rendering.html#TOC-Combined-Map) has the related info but i am not quite understand...

    FSW How to create PBR Combined (TextureName_C) Texture?

    Hi, I would like to know how can we create PBR combined (TextureName_C) texture for Flight Sim World use? Hope someone can share the procedure. Edit: The SDK has the related info but i am not quite understand the procedure...
  15. Alex753

    P3D v4 A319 Air Côte d’Ivoire Texture

    Hi ! Just a simple texture for all the freewares Airbus A319 who have all the same 3D model so this texture is working for all ! That’s the all new coming from Toulouse A319 TU-TSA for the Ivorian international compagny : That’s Avalaible right there ...
  16. T

    P3D v3 night texture issue

    hi,guys!this is tyxxxi from china,There are some questions I would like to ask.I am making night texture,But I do not know where the problem is,When I dragged the DayNight_Variations.inf file to resample.exe, nothing happened,can you show me your inf file?or tell me how to calculate Xdim and...

    P3D v4 Saved DDS textures appear lighter

    Hi, I've run into this problem recently which I've never come across before. Once i add the alpha channel and save the texture it appears as attached? I couldn't figure out what the problem is after searching around. Any help is appreciated. Regards

    P3D v4 Runway Asphalt flickering

    Hi, Can anyone let me know what cause my runway asphalt texture flickering (some sort of noise). I have attached a video (file size only 3.67mb) in this link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B25o01iJUSdvRkZibW9fYVZlZUk Hope someone can help me.
  19. Bungo

    Differences SBX Generic Building and in-sim Texture Mapping

    When creating warehouses and sheds as generic buildings in SBX (3.14 x64), the Bottom textures for the more industrial buildings line up OK vertically in SBX, but when compiled and opened in P3D v3.4, the textures seem to align halfway between 2 'layers' or textures on the texture sheets? ie...
  20. Nieggou

    FSX Textures can't be seen

    Hello, So this is the first scenery I've ever created, so I'm a complete Newbie. But now I've got a problem, that I can't solve.. I don't know, maybe it's just a false setting, or I've been sorting the things wrong. I would appreciate any help from you all, thanks :D (if this doesn't work...