1. PythonesqueSpam

    I can't get SetAGNBuildingHeight to work with buildings and landuse shape files

    Hi, I have the following code and log where AddAttributeIfInside generates around 47k features. I know that many building polygons are within the landuse polygons indicated by fclass. I understand SetAGNBuildingHeight applies to each cell and there must be at least one building polygon within...
  2. MOUSY

    P3D v3 Missing Tree Polygons

    I can confirm that this issue does not occur in FSX. Have not tested P3D 1 or 2. TLDR; Either the horizontal polygons (canopy) or vertical polygons (side view) of my tree models appear, but never both. I started attempting to create fuller autogen tree models; cross trees aren't as voluminous...
  3. S

    FSX Ground polygon textures appearing black

    i converted my textures to 32bit bmp using dxtbmp along with alpha textures. then i converted them to dds file using image tool from p3d sdk. after that i converted my gmax polygon to bgl file using mcx ground polygon wizard. but after adding my scenery to fsx the polygons are appearing black...