1. Matteo07

    FSX terrain under photoreal problem

    Hi everyone, I'm doing a photoreal scenery with SBuilderX v.313, but there are some problems. The first is that under my photoreal there is the FSX default island. The second is that I added polygons to do some montains in this island but this doesn't work well. You can see there that I...
  2. Pablo R.

    FSX How can I make "Physical" objects?

    Hello, I want to know how to make a real "Physical" object for FSX, that is actually there and where the airctaft can go over and NOT trough. I want to make a runway that way, so the aircraft actually rolls over it. Because if I use custom Ground Polygons, I have problems because the Runway...
  3. Christian Bahr

    P3D v4 HeadTracker FaceTrackNoIR & P3DV4

    Hello! Has anyone here from the Forum an idea why the Headtracker FaceTrackNoIR V200 with the new Prepar3DV4 no longer functions? It is probably because both programs communicate via Simconnect. This new Simconnect version is 64-bit, right? The installation of the outdated Simconnect version...
  4. Lordnum

    Problem Launching Flight™

    Hi There! I'm new here, but was advised by a fellow Flight pilot, HB1PC3, to join this website to ask for much needed help. As I am also posting to & to ask for the same advice, I have posted all the problematic information to a page within my own website, at...