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  1. T

    Adding PBR to MSFS imports of FSX airplanes?

    I imported the VirtualCol CRJ-200 into MSFS yesterday, and more or less successfully managed to merge it with the Aerosoft CRJ cockpit. Only downside is the cockpit flickers like crazy, but it's still an amazing feat I didn't think was possible. Next task is adding PBR to the model... but there...
  2. Ronald

    FSX [SOLVED] FSX - (Noob) - Cockpit panel "Repaint Challenge"

    Background on this project is to re-create an "As-real-as-it-can-be-simulated" copy of the Robin Dr400 "PH-SVT" of Vliegclub Rotterdam" - https://www.jetphotos.com/registration/PH-SVT 1 - As free FSX "base materials" I've chosen these fine free Rikoooo Robin download packages: -...
  3. adf714

    P3D v5 Any tools similar to Dynamic Reflection Maker for viewing PBR liveries outside the sim?

    Hello, I have been using Dynamic Reflection Maker by Tomato Shade to load and reload liveries I'm working on painting without having to launch the sim. In most cases, it works well. However, it seems the developer has ceased working on it, and I can't get it to load any objects outside of the...
  4. Cheese-Strike

    P3D v4 When you're taking pixel pushing way too serious

    Over the past 11 years I taught myself the art of texturing which I pushed to a pretty much super ridiculous level. It all started with Cheese-Strike Repaints back in 2009 and now developed to Cheesy Simulations (pun intended) over the years. I've tried 3d modelling with Gmax and 3dsMax but...
  5. kevinmdavis2010

    P3D v4 PMDG 737 Repaint

    Hi all, I'm trying to make a livery for the PMDG 737 from scratch. However, I've looked at several YouTube videos, and all of them "assume" that the user has designed a livery already. I haven't done this, as I want to make a fictional livery. Is there any type of manual for how to do this...
  6. Cheese-Strike

    Cheesy Simulations - Redux Liveries

    I just wanted to share some of my textures I created the past months/years. All repaints feature custom created exterior and interior textures to match the original livery as close as possible. MJC-8 Q400 - Flybe G-ECOB MJC-8 Q400 - Flybe G-ECOI MJC-8 Q400 - Austrian Airlines OE-LGP...
  7. B

    FSX Making a repaint: How to create a separate layer with the grey details?

    Although I work with Photoshop quite a few years already, I stil haven't got 'the trick' of how to create a separate layer with the graytones, like darker parts, rivet rows and shadow lines. When lucky, a white textureversion is available, but then what? Most repaint tutorials skip this specific...