1. K

    GeoimageProcessor - Water and Blend Mask Automation Tool 3.11

    Shapefile to raster processor for water and blend masking for FSX and Prepar3d using FSEartiles BMP source images and AreaEarthInf**.txt files, as well as using TIF files that contain geolocation information. Update 18 Jun 2019: Latest version has a lot of optimizations including a major change...
  2. christopherbritton

    SBX - Hole/Water polys become inverted on BGL export?

    Hello, I have been plugging away with my vector data for the Solomon Islands, however an issue arose today. When I am working in SBuilderX 315, all of my data seems to display correctly. Water is where water should be and holes are assigned where land should be. However, when I compile the BGL...
  3. J

    Use water elevation from DEM

    Hi, let's say i have a 1m mesh for a large area and the area includes a lot of rivers. As the mesh also covers the water surface, the original water polys have a different altitude, so the rivers are most of the time elevated. I further have a water shp file from OSM but it looks too complex to...