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  1. vezirgiannis

    Job opportunities for everyone.

    Skyline Simulations, a company with about 10 years in the field, is looking to expand its team and is starting a recruitment period. !!!THIS IS A PAYING JOB!!! What we're looking for: - Anyone that loves developing airport sceneries. - Anyone that knows how to texture. - Anyone that knows how...
  2. EnvyHorizon Studios

    P3D v4 EnvyHorizon Studios-Chuuk International Airport-P3D4-5-XP11-RELEASED

    Hello Everyone. Let Introduce Our New Developer Its called EnvyHorizon Studios. We are providing a Quality Scenery also good at Modelling and texturing. Beside of Chuuk. We are just ask from WorldSky to Provide this scenery into EnvyHorizon. Next Our Plan will be Focus on International Market...
  3. S

    MCX Problem with transparent textures.

    Hi, for some reason all transparent textures become opaque when exported from MCX to xplane .obj. The strange thing is when i open the texture in photoshop it is transparent but in the sim its opaque. In MCX it is rendered correctly with transparent textures as well. I have succesfully exported...
  4. KO Zone

    P3D v4 Livery Makers Recruitment

    Hello All, I am looking for livery makers for a big community project (similar to iniBuilds), if you are interested please read below Requirements for a livery maker: • Good experience with paintkits in general • Able to use PBR to his/hers advantage • Able to deliver on time • Previous...
  5. K

    swift pilot client looking for developers (unpaid, open source)

    swift pilot client is a free open source pilot client for FSD protocol servers. It supports the following simulators: FSX, FS9, P3D, XPlane, and FlightGear. Further information can be found here: https://dev.swift-project.org/ swift is developed in C++/Qt. Currently we are testing our beta...
  6. cherry89

    (-SOLVED-) How can i convert p3dv4 to xplane 11

    hello good, how can I convert the p3d scenario to XPLANE 11 with the textures, because when converting the stage the textures are not in place?
  7. kevinmdavis2010

    FSX:SE DSF file to FSX?

    All, I own both X-Plane and FSX: SE. However, I came across a scenery package on X-Plane's site that is highly realistic and ten times better than any scenery I've found for FSX - Payware or Freeware. In the Zip folder that came with the X-Plane scenery package, there is a subfolder called...
  8. H

    DA42 - Next steps recomendation

    Hello guys :) I am modelling a DA42 for xplane (it will be later exported to blender -> xplane). I have been thinking to go on with the fin and elevators or the wings but either way how should I go on with them? Shall I extrude from the fuselage or make a new object like for the nose? If they...