3ds max 9. problem, Menú Units Setup.

Hello, I have problems with the Units Setup menu.


1: I choose meters

2: by default inches.

3: settings to meters.OK

4: Close 3ds max 9

5: I open again

6: Again to Units Setup.

7: The settings above metro, is centimeters.

8: Previously set to meters, again looks Inches ...?

9: My settings for Spain is This.

What could be happening?
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The System Units and Display Units will 'stick' when you start a project and save some work, I think. I notice your Max9 is unregistered: some time in the next 30 days it's likely to stop working until you register it.


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You have to do some work and save the file before it will "stick", as Tom says. It's a file by file thing.