P3D v4 A couple of questions...

About to test my add-on with the ACM tool.

1. Any thought to having the tool make a backup of the current state of the default.xml or the AutogenDescriptions files when installing? Thoughts?

2. What if a user already has my scenery installed with ACM and now I want to provide a "version 2" with new agn models or something but want to keep the same names/guids? What would happen?




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1. The tool keeps up to 5 backups when merging new entries. They are in C:\Users\{account}\AppData\Roaming\SceneryDesign.org\AutogenConfigurationMerger

2. If you have two sceneries installed with the same entries then you can have issues indeed. Because it depends on the order of merging which results you get. If you update some models only that's a change in the BGL file only most likely, but if you change an entry it might be safer to give it a new GUID.