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The SDK says of the subject Event ID: Adds fuel to the aircraft, 25% of capacity by default. 0 to 65535 (max fuel) can be passed.
If my Aircraft.cfg has all of the fuel tank types, I know that the center tanks, main tanks, aux tanks and tip tanks are included in "capacity", but it seems that external tanks are not. They seem to be treated separately and ADD_FUEL_QUANTITY does not seem add fuel to external tanks.
Could someone confirm that or say how fuel can be added to the externals. I also know that some of the fuel parameters are "settable" but I was hoping to not have to go down that route.

You're asking about P3D, so FWIW.

I tried this Event ID in FSX on an 8 tank system and I get the same result. No fuel added to the external tanks.

I use Simconnect to load the aircraft fuel, pax, cargo.

That would be one way to load the externals.


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Dave_W is right: SimConnect is the only way to control all of the available fuel tanks in both FSX and P3D, if coding in C/C++.

Edited to add mention of the programming language in light of Roy's reply indicating he's coding in XML.
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Thanks for your responses. I think the external tank setup predates any thought of air refuel, which is what the Event ID is used for. I’m able to control it with XML Tools and the issue is solved.