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Adding Landmarks

As a MSFS2020 beginner coming from X-Plane and WED, there is still a lot to learn for me to be able to create the desired output with the SDK.

I don’t plan to create a new Airport right now but like to:
  • Remove buildings and vegetation where I know they don’t belong
  • Add some landmarks (I have modeled in Blender) at the correct location
  • (if already possible) correct some roads and bridges to avoid cars driving where they surly can’t drive in reality
  • Do some terraforming, i.e. add a missing lake
The instructions I found all start with a new Airport. Does that mean I have to attach all my landmarks to a (nearby) airport (which I have to recreate as I can’t edit existing airport) or can this be achieved without an associated airport?
Not at all, an airport is just another scenery element, you could easily just place a single landmark if you want.
Thanks a lot! I'm now able to add the first objects and exclude some unwanted objects. Still a long way to master the SDK.