FSXA Adding Points

I turned this box to a 45 degree angle. In the red box, I was able to add the 3 points with no problem.
But for some reason, I cannot repeat the process on the line with the white circles. The bottom white turned green when I used the mouse select. The top white turned yellow or white. But when I went to
Part - Add Point, it is not activated. What am I doing wrong here? Thanks.
Add Point.jpg


Resource contributor
Both points must be yellow or green, not white. They must be selected.

White = current
Yellow = selected
Green = current and selected

Another possibility - you have two intersecting lines at the lower white circle - perhaps one line doesn't actually use the point in the white circle (i.e. it goes all the way from top to bottom) and thus those two points are not on the same line. Or there are actually two points in the lower white circle (on top of each other), and you are selecting the wrong one.
As we worked on.... choose the first point and if you can't choose the second one, hold down shft and mouse select and grab the other point. And - in this case- you can't choose one without grabbing a point underneath it. To add point you can only choose 2 points. Soooooooooooo- You might have to rotate the object this way or that to get to the other point you want without accidently grabbing an extra point. If confusing, let's jabber about it.


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You can use the Next and Previous keyboard commands to get only one of those points as the current point, then press the Space Bar to select it. Another option.